The tendency of human is that he always expects answer or response as per his own feeling, assumption, principle and stand etc. However, It is not granted that he will always get favorable response. When guidance is unfavorable to the feeling than it depend on the courage of the human to accept and carry it honestly without any affection-hate.

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Pledge of Arjuna

Arjuna speak- O Janardhan ! If you consider Knowledgeyog is better than Karmayog unattached from material-joy, then O Keshav ! then why you want to engage me into ghastly warfare? [01]

He who have mercy upon the people is called Janardhan. Arjuna is addressing Divine-God as Janardhan that you always fulfill request of others, please consider my request also. Though Arjuna was free from greed, does not desire to enjoy the kingdom, which is good in motivating a human to perform deed unattached for personal material gratification, dedicated for the benefits of others. However, his affection with family and estimated large scale death of relatives and friends in war was making Arjuna worried and difficult in taking decision to fight.

Divine-God very well described the constitution of Soul in previous chapter, to pull up Arjuna from the ocean of material grief or family affection. Secluded life is not an easy war of realization of element of Divine. On the other hand karmayoga performed according to own capacity and given situation is very simple way to realize the element of Divine.

It is really very hard for a human to fight bloodily war with own relative or anyone else, unless situation forced and person is convinced.

The tendency of human is that he always expects answer or response as per his own feeling, assumption, principle and stand etc. However, It is not granted that he will always get favorable response. When guidance is unfavorable to the feeling than it depend on the courage of the human to accept and carry it honestly without any affection-hate.

When question is asked with full faith then answer is acceptable comfortably. When question is asked with expected doubt then to accept the answer is difficult. Here, Arjuna has full faith upon Divine-God, therefore, he may obey and participate in war forced upon him.

The sermons received by You are luring my mind. Therefore, please tell me which one will be more decisive for me in my salvation. [02]

Arjuna is attracted to both the paths unattached deed form of devotion (02/48) and also with knowledge form of devotion (02/49) and is not able to decide to follow which one. He is attracted to both similarly due to lack of proper understanding of element. However, he has completely faith upon Divine-God and considering that He had delivered most important thing for the life of mankind. Arjuna is requesting to Divine-God to guide him which one will be best in his salvation. Here, it is very clear that he is not tempted to enjoy material sovereignty.

Pledge of Divine-God

Divine-God said-O sinless Arjuna! The two courses for realizing the truth have been explained by Me earlier. Knowledge form empirical devotional services for awaken minded devotee in union with Divine-God free with feeling of doer, and unattached deed perform by even mind free from affection and desire of fruits. [03]

Arjuna is curios to facilitate own liberation from birth-death form miseries. The curiosity of devotee enables him to wipe out sin. Human being has the right to perform both deed form devotion and knowledge form devotion. The equality conscious is attended by both deed form devotion and knowledge form devotion. Equality mind has been explained in Knowledgeyog, detaching from mortal and focusing on immortal (02/11–30) and in Karmayog, to remain even in successful and unsuccessful (02/39–53). None of these sections mentioned or suggest abolition of responsible deed.

Awaken minded devotee who has the knowledge of creature, nature and Divine-God or “how to enter into the divine world?” detached self from worldly materials and focused on element of Divine. Their devotion is base of “biswas” faith knowledge or intuition. The Karmayogi, the devotee living a family life or worldly life dedicate their body and nature for wellbeing of others and thus abandon relation with material world. They are based on “sradha” devotional belief or commitment. His belief is that Divine-God dwells in every creature and object. He depends on Divine-God and His mercy. The main assumption on which he operate is that he belief that his body and nature belong to world thus he has used his body and natural resources for the benefit of world. He has not done any favor to anyone, so he does not expect anything in return as sharing of fruits or even honor.

The true performer of Knowledgeyog acknowledge that he does not have relation with nerves-mind-body and nature and abandon feeling of doer, he has the knowledge of truth-untruth or mortal-immortal or sustainable-unsustainable.

Human neither without initiating deed achieves the height of feeling of unattachment from the fruit of deed, nor by abandoning initiated deed attend divine perfection. [04]

The performance of deed is precondition for realization of element of divine for a worldly human as well as one who want to live a renounced order of life.

Neither by merely abstaining from work can one achieve freedom from reaction, nor by simply renunciation alone can one attend perfection. Without purification simply abruptly adopting renounced order of life cannot change materialistic conscious men into divine conscious men. Also without discharging his prescribed duties, one is not able to advance in spiritual path.

At the stage when human performing worldly and heavenly deed is not bonded with expectation to enjoy world and heaven and is dedicated for the well beings of others, free from affection-hate, and he become eligible to liberate from birth-death cycle than only he is in real term unattached. A human repeatedly performing unattached deed can purify internal nerves-mind from the abnormality of ego, affection, hate, desires, angry, happy and sorrow. All these abnormalities are obstacle in realization of element of Divine.

The abandon of desire of material-joy can be effectively done by facilitating all deeds to the universal well beings. As long as human continue to perform deeds in expectation of material-joy and accumulation he cannot be free from desires. To abandon the feeling of doer or ego is must in order to abandon bonding with nature, which is obstacle in realization of element of Divine.

Undoubtly, at any moment, any human, cannot live without performing deed, because human community dependent on nature born property are compelled to perform deed.[05]

Human as long as keep relation with nature he keep on performing deed according to the “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” by which he is influanced. A human influanced by “Satvik” propetry perform divine function, the functioning of “Rajash” human is meterialist and the function of “Tamash” human is demonaic.

The divine conscious human is unattached from his body, though his body constantly performs deed, thinking, meditation, worship, eating, breading, sleeping etc. are all considered as deed. The body and nature are constantly changing which is also function.

The human who has affection with his body and nature they constantly perform deed according to their temtaton with nature born property. The nature and their property are constantly active (Bhagavad-Gito: 03/27, 13/29). The soul-form is non-functional, but in relationship with body and nature he assume the feeling of door and as long as he want to enjoy pleasure he is dependen on nature (Bhagavad-Gita: 14/05).

The human nature is formed by conscious and the influence of property born out of nature. The human nature and conscious are dependen on the property that he has acquired from the nature. As long as human is not free drom the property of nature and he is not independent and cannot progress in realisation of element of Divine. The nature is changing constantly but soul is invariable with out any abnormality, human shall abandon his relation with nature and attend his immortal soul-form.

One who restrains the action of senses but his mind dwells on sense objects certainly delude himself and is called a pretender. [6]

Those who without controlling the mind exercise control over the eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin five nerves and sight-appearance, sound/words, smell, taste-juice and touch five senses, are not actually completely free from the mentality of material-joy though they may not indulge into activity of material-joy, but internally want to enjoy materials and accumulate them. They keep on internally thinking to enjoy. Therefore, their behave is of pretender. Such pretender may also speak on dry philosophy in order to bluff followers, but actually their mind dwell into sense enjoyment. The mind of pretender is always impure.

He may deceive himself that he is not performing any attached deed. However, due to internally presence of desire for material-joy and accumulation, he is not unattached. Also he is performing thinking attached with affection and desire. Thus, he is consuming material-joy internally or mentally. There is affect of both physically or externally enjoying material-joy and internally or mentally enjoying material-joy upon the conscious of human. A human on fear of society may restrain externally bodily enjoyment of materials but mentally dwell on gratification of material-joy. Therefore, a human shall abandon material desire from bodily function as well as from nerves-sense-mind.

O Arjuna! The human who mentally control nerves-senses affectionless or without desire begin Karmayog with his entire nerves-senses. He is the best. [07]

Divine-God is considering Arjuna as clean or pure internally free from abnormalities. Therefore, he is not expected to have doubt on his responsibly or duty. Once the Arjuna is awakened whatever the doubts exist in his mind will not stay for long will cease.

The awakened human control his nerves-sense by assuming that his soul-form has no relation with nerves-sense, thus his nerves-sense does not function independently and thereafter, he can connect his nerves-senses comfortably wherever he like, without experiencing any disturbance and if he want to withdraw can do so easily. When human constantly withdraw the nerves-sense-mind from prohibited though and deed and engage into responsible or virtue thought and deed then nerves-sense-mind are stable in due course of time.

The entire fault is on affection not in the deed or in its fruit. The affection is of various type, affection with nerves-mind-body, affection with thought or deed and affection with fruit of deed. The human is free from affection, when he abandons his ego or “I-am”, “for me”, doer feeling or relation with deed and its fruit. When he consider his body and nature which make production as part of world and dedicate those for the benefit of world , then he consider that he has done no favor for anyone, and his affection with fruit ceases.

Common people perform deed for fulfillment of his desire. A Karmayogi perform deed for the solution of the problem of all or development of all and attend feeling of equality.

The performing of deed in response to the need of territory, time, situation etc. without any expectation of gain-loss, happy-sorrow is initiating of Karamyog.

He who perform deed only for the well being of creatures, he is the best. The flow of his function is directed towards worlds and he is unattached from affection.

You shall perform responsibility duty prescribed in scripture, performing responsibility deed is greatest than inactive from responsibility and even one cannot maintain his body without functioning. [08]

Human shall sincerely perform worldly and heavenly duties and shall never perform prohibited deeds. When human abandon prohibited deed than naturally deeds of virtue are perform by him. Human are bond to perform deed as per family condition, situation, time, nature or capability etc.

The responsibilities which arises out of the context even if it is tough in nature human is bond to perform it, he has no excuse, if he remain inactive capriciously, it is irresponsibility on his behave and sin. Therefore, to participate in war against own relatives and friends in the forced situation for the righteous cause was natural duty or self-religion for Arjuna, being a householder and “Ksatriya” (Bhagavad-Gita:18/43).

If the responsible deed is inclusive of error than also it shall not abandon (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/48). Every deed is associated with error to some extent. Therefore, human shall perform deed for others without any expectation of personal gain-loss. Thus he is also free from error.

Divine-God is clarifying his principle that inactive shall not be based on affection (Bhagavad-Gita: 02/47). Inactiveness motivated by preference for laziness, sleep, day dream, and prohibited deed is sin.

Human is bond to perform deed, he cannot survive without it, even breathing, eating and earning livelihood etc. are deed.

General tendency of many human is that they want to perform responsible worldly and heavenly deeds but want favorable condition. The desire for favorable condition is obstacle, which cause bonding and downfall. Therefore, human shall perform all his responsible worldly and heavenly deeds free from, affection-hate and favorable-unfavorable condition etc. without it journey of life is not successful.

Whose function is only for the benefit of own not dedicated to responsible sacrifice ritual he is in bondage with material world. Therefore, O Son of Kunti! Free from abnormality of affection perform properly responsible function for sacrifice ritual. [09]

Performing responsible worldly and divine deed is Yagna-sacrifice ritual. When unattached deed is perform to facilitate only for wellbeing and happiness of others it is in real sense “Karma”. The level of human is determined not by his deed rather by the objective by which he performs his deed. The human who perform unattached “Karma” without expectation of material, honor etc. he attend divine conscious. Performing of deed without expectation for self is self-religion. The deeds which are attached with desires for material-joy and accumulation and prohibited deeds fall under other categories.

When human show hospitality to others in expectation or deliver lecture or sermon to gain popularity, honor and wealth etc., his deeds does not qualify as responsible deeds. The best doer is one who without bothering his own libration he perform deed for benefit of others. He considers the wellbeing of others as own. Whose sole objective is wellbeing of creatures he only can perform unattached “Karma”. The human with equality feeling and free from affection, hate, desire, greed and anger perform naturally unattached “Karma”.

It tendency of materialistic human to abandon deed when he anticipate no return or adverse return from the proposed deed. The “Karmyogi” lack material desire, he perform deeds only for creatures, therefore, he perform the deed with full energy and efficiency. He takes care of his interest in best way by taking care of interest of others which liberate him from birth-death cycle.

The “Karmyogi” function for others, The “Karmyogi” is free from ego “I-am” and “this belong to me”, and others are beyond his affection, hate, greed and anger etc. He considers his body as part of nature and thinks that he is not doing anything. Nature is doing for the benefit of nature. Thus he is easily unattached from the deed.

Since inception Prajapati Bramhaji created Praja along with responsibility and stated to them, you people shall be happy in taking this responsibility of facilitating wellbeing of all, because it will bestow upon you everything desirable for living happily and liberation. [10]

One who creates his responsibility is to protect his creation. The self born Divine-God in form of Brahman has created “Praja” citizens or universe. Lord Brahma create and protect the universe and creatures, and think of wellbeing of creatures, therefore he is called “Prajapati”. The human who ascended to heaven is called Demi-God , Piter-soul after death and before rebirth or in transit, human and others creatures are constituency of “Praja” .

The Divine-God has given reasoning power with responsibility to human to take care of creatures and nature, restrain from prohibited deed and perform natural universal well-being deed.

Since ancient time there is practice of Karmayog. Lord Brahman has entrusted responsibility to the leader of the communities to regularized Karmayog for universal wellbeing as a main principle of universe. However, somehow practice of Karmayog diminishes. Here, Lord Krishna wants to reestablish the culture of Karmayog. Thereafter, Divine-God has take several incarnations and send messengers in this world to spread the message of performing own responsibility of taking care of nature and creatures, not to give importance to own material desire.

Lord Brahma is advising everyone that to perform universal wellbeing deed is their responsibility. If everyone in this world takes care of the needs of others then there will be no dearth of any material required for the wellbeing of all. The nature created by Divine-God facilitate everything which human needs. Through Karmayog human can use then happily for the universal wellbeing.

With referring the sermons of Brahma, the Divine-God is motivating Arjuna to perform his responsible duty for worldly and heavenly benefit. One who take care of others, Divine-God is pleased with him and he receive all blessings of Divine-God. The world is not to enjoy for pleasure, rather to utilize it for the universal wellbeing. A Karmayogi work for others without any expectation from his deed and the people for whom he had facilitated deeds.

All living entities are conditioned by material nature because of their forgetfulness of their eternal relation with Divine-God. The lord has created this material world to facilitate human to learn how to perform the ritual of Karmayog and get liberation from birth-death cycle.

You people shall elevate “Deva” through this sacrifice yagna, they “Deva” will elevate you people through their responsibility. These ways free from vested interest elevating each other you people will attend divine wellbeing. [11]

Here “Dev” has been referred to Demi-God, piter, saint, human, and other creatures. Divine-God is advising to perform deed form sacrifice ritual to please or elevate own God or in other words to attend divine property and become eligible of entering heaven. Thus benefiting each other attend supreme divine conscious or divine world after which nothing is left to achieve. Universal wellbeing deed form sacrifice ritual will increase divine conscious and attending union with Divine-God he as a son of heavenly father become eligible to use infinite divine world.

The Universal wellbeing deed form sacrifice ritual has such potential that it awakens the material world as well as divine world. Thus beneficial for both material world as well as divine world. The meaning is the response from divine world can be ensured by material world.

We should not relate ourselves with others in fulfilling own responsibility. Others do their duty or not, we should honestly perform our duty without any precondition. We are not always in position to ensure that others fulfilled their responsibility. Therefore, we shall without any expectation perform our own responsible duty. Divine-God is everywhere and he is watching everything.

Although we are responsible to serve everyone. However, we shall give priority to them for whom we are primary responsible. When a human take a birth in a family it become his responsibility to take care of that family, similarity territory, other creatures etc. shall be taken care attentively. Karmayog of a human is successful when he is his able to protect the rights of others.

The sacrifice form deed sanctified memory and pave the path of liberation from birth-death.

Awaken by sacrifice ritual form deed “Deva” divine property will facilitate you all necessities of life. This way one who enjoy materials and benedictions received from Spirit for own without sharing with others, he is a thief. [12]

Divine-Conscious human unattached from nature use the body and nature for the benefit of others, similarly human who is gifted with intelligence shall use nature on equality principle for the wellbeing of all. The plant, flower, trees, crops and even animal serves others, similarly human who is intelligence enough shall assume his responsibility of taking care of all creatures and nature. We have received mind-body and materials from nature thus we shall use them for the benefit of world.

Human shall not develop unnecessary desire which exploit resources and deprive others, this is totally against the principle of religion. Those who are more capable they are expected to take more responsibility of universal well being. We shall not demand resources more than to perform only responsible deeds.

Those who does not perform the responsibility of universal wellbeing, they by utilizing resources or Benedictions alone without sharing with others, which is for all, he is certainly a thief. In other words the accumulators of wealth and resources are thieves.

A Karmayogi perform his deed for universal well-being, in universal wellbeing he visualize his own wellbeing. The misappropriation of resources by vested interest groups causing conflict in world and threatening the human civilization.

Human shall not trap on the feeling how he shall be happy? He shall always think how others can be happy? or how he along with others can be happy? Human always take benefits from other animal, plant, tree, human etc. therefore human has the responsibility to think and act for the creatures. When human does not perform his responsibility it destabilized world and heaven.

Those who does not have desire to enjoy world, Divine-God is pleased with them and He direct the world to take care of them. With the grace of Divine-God every material needed for survival of creatures have been provided, desire of no one shall create obstacle in it.

Obviously our life is dependent on Divine-God, without his mercy there will be no sunlight, moonlight, rainfall, breeze, and food and water etc. The gross material thieves directed by sense gratification cause misery in universe and are punished by Divine-God accordingly.

The great human experiencing the end result of deed form sacrifice ritual is free from entire sins. However those who only cook for self or perform entire deeds for self, they sinners consume only sins. [13]

The human who perform unattached deed free from affection-hate, happy-sorrow for the wellbeing of others their deed are sacrifice ritual which at the end facilitate the performer into Brahma, the divine world. In such divine ritual the residual grain denote Brahma or divine world. Which denote that by performing such deed or ritual the performer eat the end result or grain which is heaven. He is free from all sin.

The human who perform deed or sacrifice ritual for material desire they consume sin at the end or as the end result and invite rebirth. The good deed or wellbeing for others perform in expectation is also bondage and invite downfall of human into rebirth.

The great human perform deed or sacrifice ritual which facilitate element of Divine. When such human receive end results of ritual of Karmayog they are free from bondage with material world and liberated.

The human shall acknowledge their soul-form and understand that attachment with mortal world will only produce scarcity, it can never give satisfaction, and only realization of element of Divine can give sustainable peace and happiness.

A human who is increasingly influence with vested interest he is in same proportion sinner. He cooks only for self not for others. Whatever materials he access or misappropriate, he waste on self.

Human who does not consider body as self and provide only necessity of water, food, cloth and shelter etc. to body and keep it free from laziness, day-dream, and material-joy, their body lack affection-hate and they does sacrifice ritual in real sense. Human shall not desire material-joy for self, shall not develop sense of belongingness from any creature, object, event, situation etc., and shall not do anything for own sense gratification.

Entire creatures have born from grain form Divine-God, Grain is produces by divine blessing form rain, divine blessing form rain is produces from “Yagna” sacrifice ritual and “Yagna” is produces by prescribed duties. [14]

Divine-God has been named as grain in religion, i.e grain is Divine-God. Human of divine conscious perform deed form “Yagna” sacrifice ritual for realization of that Divine-God. Grain is produces by rain and divine blessing form rain. The divine blessing form rain is most crucial for growing agriculture grain and success of the responsible deed form “Yagna” sacrifice ritual. When human perform deed form “Yagna” sacrifice ritual, the virtue or divine progress of previous birth rain in form of Divine blessing upon him. Today deed form worship rain in form of blessing tomorrow. Therefore, rain or divine blessing form rain is caused by deed form “Yagna” sacrifice ritual, not by materials sacrifice and alms given to priest etc. “Yagna” sacrifice ritual is produces out of virtue deed and also “Yagna” is completed by responsible deed.

The virtue deed immunizes human body from contamination of material nature, provide resistance power against material affection. When devote become accustomed to this practice he attend divine world. One who lacks this quality of devotion continues to accumulate sin and prepare for next body. Lord is satisfied by the sacrifice form deed and he rains his blessing and all the materials needed for creatures, this is the law of nature. When human goes against the nature it causes only misery.

Consider the Vedas as source of Karma-responsible deed, consider Vedas bring into being by Divine-God. Therefore, this omnipresence Divine-God is always founded in ritual of universal wellbeing. [15]

Recognize this Karma, concept of human is responsible to perform universal wellbeing, on the basis of equitable access to nature, sources from Vedas. Vedas is the voice of the divine conscious human who is in union with Divine-God. The divine element which is not subject to senses, the process of self realizing of that element of Divine is Vedas, it is not merely documented scriptures. Vedas is originated from Divine-God, the great sages have spoken on behalf of Divine-God. This is manifested during the performing sacrifice virtue deed in the restrained mind. Therefore, omnipresence Divine-God is ascertains or discover in sacrifice ritual responsible deed, benefiting all.

O Partha! the human who does not traditional practice according to “shristi-chakra” or does not fulfill own responsibility, he in sense gratification sinful human live in futile. [16]

This way those living entity attending human body does not respect and follow “shristi-chakra” nature cycle which advocate harmonious co existing of creatures with nature respecting resource cycle. In other words, who does not intend to augment divine property, mutual cooperation and benefits, and achieve divine conscious such sinful human live in futile for sense gratification.

Divine-God is advocating to perform only responsible prescribed deed for the benefit of creatures and nature, other deeds are of bonding in nature and inviting miseries and rebirth.

Here Arjuna has been addressed as Partha, which denote Arjuna is son of Kunti, and his mother has perform her responsibilities happily always while living whole life in distress. The war which Arjuna is considering terrible is actually his duty.

As a broken wheel sabotages the entire vehicle and journey, similarly the sins of sense gratification human sabotage the entire nature cycle and create sorrow for entire creatures.

However, human who live in own soul consciousness and self realized, is satisfied in soul-form, for him no material activity is required. [17]

Human assuming relation with body and nature think all happiness is derived from material wealth and power. Unfortunately his desires keep on growing and mortal world fail to provide him sustainable satisfaction. Human after satisfaction from eating delicious foods again after few hours feel hungry. The ignorant even then keep on searching satisfaction and happiness in worldly materials and pursue end number of deeds in expectation. The material desires only create feeling of scarcity, dependency, stress and sorrow.

Unlike materialistic human, the Karmayogi who perform deed without any expectation of wealth, power and honor etc. only for the creatures they does not depend upon worldly materials. He derives satisfaction from his own sustainable soul-form (Bhagavad-Gita: 02/55). When human abandon assumed relation with body and nature he attends satisfaction in his own soul-form.

The objective of prescribed responsible deeds is self realization of element of Divine, after which human does not need anything. Human assume relation with body develop feeling of “I-am” and “this belong to me” and perform deed for material gratification. However, when he abandons affection, hate, desire and greed etc. and perform deed for others, his bodily conscious ceases and he is unattached from nature. The bonding with nature is obstacle in realization of element of Divine.

The divine conscious human clean from impiety, become fully confidante of his eternal position in relation with his Supreme. Such person is no longer interested in material activities and pleasures.

When human attend inexpressible, sustainable and un-destroyable soul-form then there is nothing beyond that, such human become free from responsibility of performing deed and devotion.

A self-realized soul conscious human has neither personal purpose in performing deed in this world nor has any reason for not performing any deed and he does not maintain any vested relation with entire creatures. [18]

That human has no advantage in performing deed in this world and disadvantage in abandoning deed, which were earlier his must duty. His relation of interest does not remain with any creature. When he realizes sustainable inexpressible unchangeable and un-destroyable soul-form, and is satisfied and beyond which no sovereignty exist, then whom he should search? What he will gain? He does not need to perform any deed because the material or bodily conscious on which abnormalities are attached that no more exist within him. He lacks any meaning with entire creatures, external world and internal plane of resolution of desire. The biggest mission of his life realization of element of Divine is when achieved then he has no other proposal.

As long as human has affection, longing for material pleasure, hope to live long and fear from death his tasks remain unfinished. The material desire causes bonding and rebirth.

A Karmayogi perform deed to unattached himself from body and nature, internally free from affection, hate and material desire for pleasure and accumulation etc. Thus he performs his responsibility in the interest of entire creatures and world without personal interest. The renounces has the character that he use his nerves, senses, mind, intelligence and resources for the benefit of world. He acknowledge that body and nature and there functional relation is not required to attend divine world.

A divine conscious human does not take shelter of any creature, demi-god or material world. He is neither active nor inactive in material plane.

To attend Divine-God you always perform properly required responsibility deeds unattached from affection, hate, desire, angry, happy, sorrow etc. [19]

When deed is perform for the benefits of creatures the affection of doer with deed and its fruits ceases and he free from abnormalities, internally clean, unattached from bonding with nature, he realize element of Divine.

When human forget his soul-form and identify himself by body he internally develops affection-hate with creature, object, event and situation etc. Human out of affect in attachment with nerves, senses, mind, intelligence and body perform various deeds for craving comfort, material pleasure, accumulation and honor etc. Thus bonding cause repeatedly birth-death (Bhagavad-Gita: 13/21). He continuously uses or exploits nature for personal gratification neglecting the equal right to access nature of others, and he becomes indebted or violator to the world.

Human shall always consciously think that he shall not have affection with anything and whatever responsibility come he shall perform those without expectation of return. Responsibility may be of taking care of own, family, friend, neighbor, job, society and territory etc.

A responsibility of human is which he can do, and he must do, abandoning own vested interest, protecting the right of others following the principle of religion. Those who are subject to laziness, daydream and material gratification they avoid their own responsibility, to work for others and to protect interest of others. The neglect in performing responsible deed is obstacle in realization of element of Divine.

The responsibility prescribe according to age, class, nature and situation etc. human shall perform those as natural task, if sacrifice is required even then responsibility deed shall not be abandon (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/48), by performing unattached self responsibility human does not incur sin (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/47). Therefore, Divine-God is suggesting Arjuna to participate in war considering as self-responsibility.

When human consider the accessed or misappropriated object or creature of nature as own or belonging to him, he mistakenly develops attachment and thus this bonding cause his downfall. Therefore, it is responsibility of human to dedicate his all deeds to the wellbeing of creatures and world.

A Karmayogi whenever find opportunity he dedicate his nerves, mind, body, capability, material etc. for the benefit of world, without feeling of doer, thus he is unattached. He performs all deed for sole objective of realization of element of Divine.

Knowledgeable Janak etc. have attended Divine-God through unattached deed. Therefore, in benefits of world you are also eligible to perform virtue deed. [20]

Janak denote “Janamdata” one who give birth or mother. Yog, which facilitate union with Divine-God enable human to discover his own real immortal soul-form. Yog give birth to the great divine conscious human. Such many knowledgeable Janak form saints have attended element of Divine by performing responsible deeds which is form of sacrifice ritual. They even after attending element of Divine, perform deeds for the benefits of world. Therefore, Arjuna is also capable to perform sacrifice form deed for the benefit of world and for his own liberation.

After attending element of Divine, the renouncer has no personal gain in activity and loss in inactiveness even then perform properly universal wellbeing deeds.

One who acknowledge that the nature is equally for all creatures and respectiing this he use the nature for the universal wellbeing as his responsibility he easily become free from affection and hate and unattached himself from the bonding with nature which all are obstacle in divine path and he realise element of Divine. The unattached deed denote without any expectation of material pleasure and accumulation performing all deeds for creatures.

Material gratification human perform deed in bonding with nerves, senses, body and nature. On the contarary realisation of element of Divine is facilitated after abandoning bonding with body and nature. Omnipresence Divine-God is not acknowledge by human due to material bonding and bodily consciousness. When human has a strong urge of realisation of element of Divine he abandon material desire and bonding with mortal world.

The way best human behave or function other human follow. The entire human communities follow the example set by them. [21]

A best man is who know world and his own soul-form by element. He naturally know that body, mind, wealth, relative, land and materials belonging to world not to him. Even he does not assume his sacrifice, renounces, knowledge and nature born property as his own. He completely lack ego. Whatever he has received like body, family, friend, knowledge, materials and position etc. he use those for the wellbeing of world not for own material gratification. Remember that those who use nature for own material gratification ignoring rights of others are thief (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/12).

The sacrifice of human increases unity, peace and happiness in universe and accumulation or misappropriation of resources causes conflict universally. A divine conscious human think, speak and act in the interest of world therefore he is the best. He behaves or functions following moral and code of scripture, free from affection-hate, to carry his responsibility in the best way. A flower spread his smell or scent all around without any discrimination even those who does not notice him, similarly vision, virtue, sacrifice and deed etc. of best human is for everyone.

In absent of ego he is in union with Divine-God and he consider happy and sorrow of others as his own and naturally response to them considering it as his own responsibility. Therefore, the character and function of best people has great affect on the society, common people respect them, refer them as example and follow their principle, vision and path.

The saint, political leader, teacher, priest, family head and parent etc. shall behave and function properly, evenly and rationally because their though and act have direct influence on others. The best human share their value, vision and message by demonstrating practical example. That make easy to understand and follow.

O son of Partha! Neither there is any work of vested interest for Me in all the three planetary system, nor any object deserve to obtain is unachieved or missing for Me. Yet I am engage in prescribe responsible duties or deed. [22]

One who has material desires has several tasks to perform for personal satisfaction. However, one who lack any desire for material gratification he is not compel to carry any function for own satisfaction. Divine-God is infinite, immortal, self-sufficient, invariable and undestroyable etc. He does not have any scarcity. Even if there is no self requirement for Divine-God, for the benefits of people Divine-God take awatar/incarnation and save saint, people, wipe out the evil people and establish the institution of dhrama/religion etc. He creates and manage universe for the wellbeing of creature.

As waves do not have independent character & identity without sea, similarly human body does not have independent identity without world. All the works in every aspect are accomplished by the property born out of nature in other words human cannot perform any work independently. Human do works in relation with nature. Unfortunately ignorant and proudy human think that works are happening due to him. This generates desire/kamna of women, son, materials and position, and command respect, and obedience from people, and manipulates to ensure that entire world shall revolve according to his convenience. (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/27)

Even if the self religion of other class/varna, age group/ashram, etc. from outside looked gunasampan/of ample quality, following which is convenient, interesting in practicing, and people get wealth, luxury, prestige, status and lifelong comfort life, even than shifting to the other religion which is not mend for you /vihit is dangerous and sad in results. Contrary to this religion/self -religion of own class, varna, age group/ashram if looked from outside difficult in following, not interesting, one do not getting wealth, luxury, prestige, status and becoming lifelong painful even than performing self-religion selfless without any worthy affection has kalyankari beneficial results. Therefore, at any circumstance human should not abandon own religion rather follow self-religion with affection less and selfless. (Bhagavad-Gita- 03/34)

{Following self-religion is natural and simple for human. Birth of human is according to the karma and according to birth god assign karma. ( Bhagavad-Gita: 18/41 }

Mahabharata was dhramyudh to liberate the people. And Lord Krishna motivated the Arjuna to consider the war for mankind and holy reason unattached with rag and dwesh not as a materialistic gain or lost.

It is not easy to fight a war, kill others equally there is chance of getting killed. A solder/ Kshatriyas is a solder only when he is ready to face this adversity. Therefore, opting begging for food and survive by admired solder like Arjuna invite lot of criticism.

At the time of war the external ministry and defense ministry may have different self religion. Though, external ministry may be talking for peace. No Military man can have excuse from fighting war by claiming he is a worshiper of Lord Budha or Jesus Christ, thus will follow non-violence. And consider switching over to other occupation at the time of war.

Bhagat Singh, Chandrasheka Ajad, Birsha Munda etc. fought for the freedom of nation considering as their swa dharma. If they would have thought of jail, death/fasi, sufferings and plight of family etc. they would have not fought for the country.

When person is death following religion he get udaar/ he is free from karma cycle.

A solder/ Kshatriyas shall consider win-defeat, profit-loss, shuk-dhuk/ happy life-painful life equally in war, fight war/perform karma unattached from worldly affection. Body, indriya/nurve, mun/mental, intelligence, materials etc. are all put right for fulfilling responsibilities.

If anybody feel kast (pain) in karma than suffering also become source of unnati/progress.

Therefore, if I do not perform properly at all my responsibility it will bring harm, because in all aspect every human follow My path. [23]

Divine-God has created worlds and vary well take care of entire creatures and nature. He never neglects his responsible duty. However, for educating people He is stating that if He show any neglect in performing his duty, it will spoil the people because they will get bad impression from Divine-God whom they follow devotionally with full belief on Him.

The awakened human follow the Divine-God, perform deed according to code of religion and attend liberation from birth-death cycle. Those who deviate in material gratification and bondage with ego and nature get rebirth which is termed as downfall in religion. Therefore, those who obey the principle of Divine-God they are termed as human and other material conscious people are called as ignorant.

Divine-God take incarnation in world and send saints to set example to people on how to conduct own function giving importance to the rights of all creatures.

Therefore, If I does not perform my prescribed duties, entire worlds will ruined, and I will be cause for creating unwanted population, and destroying entire creatures. [24]

Divine-God being supreme authority, common people follows his footsteps. If He will neglect his responsibilities, it will set wrong proceeding and practices and He will be blame for creating or transforming large part of population into unwanted population for all those who will be disinterested in performing their own prescribed deeds, influenced by His negligence. The increasing unwanted population will disturb the peace of society. This destruction can be checked only if people along with Divine-God perform their responsible deeds. The Lord is father of entire living entities and if they are misguided, it cause concern for Him. Therefore, He takes incarnation to correct the course and put human in spiritual path.

Living being shall not try to imitate Divine-God, they can never, and rather they shall follow the instructions of the Lord. There are many pseudo devotees who try to copy Divine-God.

The great human, saints and Divine-God does not perform deeds for self but for all those who are following them and to protect them from downfall. If great human or Divine-God abandon performing their duties it is every possibility that common human will also deviate causing increasing material gratification in society and miseries of nature. Which will only contribute in multiplying stress and conflicts in society.

Arjuna was afraid of performing his duty when he saw his own relatives and friends in enemy or opposite camp in battle field and thought that war will ruin family and society and will create unwanted population because they will be performing deed which should not be and will not do such deed which shall be perform, in absence of guidance of elders, of which he was afraid of losing them in war. Here Divine-God is clarifying that non performance of prescribe duties cause unwanted or polluted population. Those who are not progressing in religious path due to lost in material gratification are unwanted population.

O Arjuna Descendent of Bharat! The awakened divine conscious unattached from material gratification shall perform deed motivated with universal wellbeing similarly as ignorance materialistic human perform deed in affection with sense gratification. [25]

All those who know the scripture and also worship god but unfortunately their worship and deed are attached with material gratification and accumulation are subject to rebirth and are called ignorance or unknowledgeable. Most of their deeds and worship are dedicated for own mortal benefits with affection and hate etc. abnormalities. The human with higher material desire are more active in material gratification function.

Those who lack, desires, ego, belongingness, lust, discrimination, vested interest and attachment with body and nature and dedicate all of their worldly and heavenly deeds for universal wellbeing are called intelligence and divine conscious because they work with sole objective of realization of element of Divine and liberation from birth-death cycle. They become totally unattached, acknowledge that their body and knowledge belong to society and nature which is use for production or function also belong to society therefore they use their body, knowledge and nature in the best interest of society. Without any expectation of sense gratification or favor from others they are engage in wellbeing of creatures. There is natural impact of their deeds upon world and they receive immortal fruits in heaven.

The self realized divine conscious devote or saint shall not create disbelief in the mind of the human those who are performing prescribed virtue deeds but in expectation of worldly and heavenly joy. However, by practicing properly unattached deed free from affection demonstrate to incite motivation among them. [26]

The human who has acknowledge his soul-form, demonstrate equality in behave, has restrain his nerves-sense-mind and for those affectionless mud, stone and gold is of equal they are called self realized the element of Divine (Bhagavad-Gita: 06/08).

Here those who perform prescribe deeds of scriptures in attachment with expectation of material-joy, honor, praise and power etc. have been called ignorance, because bonding cause rebirth and they are missing opportunity in form of human body to get liberation from birth-death cycle.

Divine-conscious self realized human shall not convince anything to ignorant which may cause downfall from their present status.

A human shall understand the following to pursue heavenly deed:

· All deeds are not virtue deed. The prescribed deed perform form universal wellbeing free from affection, hate, greed, angry etc. are only virtue deed.

· The attachment with body, nature and deed is bonding and cause rebirth.

· The quality of deed depend upon the associated feeling of the doer, therefore human shall abandon his affection with deed not deed. Attached deed cause rebirth and unattached deed facilitate unattachment of bonding of human with nature and liberation from birth-death cycle.

· Every human is influenced by “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun”, none are totally free, therefore they shall be respectfully without critisism motivated to graduate in spiritual path abandoning affection, hate, greed, angry, violance etc. abnormality.

· A householder in any given situation by performing his prescribed responsible deed unattached from sense gratification for univesal wellbeing can get liberation.

· By realising element of Divine and a householder and one who lead renounced order of life both attend the same heavenly immortal fruits.

It is responsibility of the saint and awakrened human to educate the human community to abandon prohibited deeds, perform prescribed deeds unattached without any expectation of profit-loss, honor-dishonor, affection-hate.

The bodily conscious ignorant bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks he is the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three mode of material nature. [27]

The entire process of function from start to end is carried by the “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” three proterties of nature , however ignorant belief that they are the doer. They in material consciousness is convinced by false ego that they are doer of everything. They lack knowledge of the mechanism of the body is produced by material nature. This ignorance also makes him forget his eternal relationship with Divine-God.

The power or energy of spirit by which entire nature function, with same power body of creature function, human see, walk, hear, and digest the food etc.

When soul-form human by mistake identify himself by body he develop ego and feeling of doer. And he develop number of desires for material gratification and accumulation.

All the changes in or function of body or nature or body along with nature are produce by the property born out of nature enlightned by the energy of Divine-God. When human abandon false assumption that he is body, his ego, desires and bonding with nature ceases and he attend his soul-form.

O Mighty Arm! Those who have realised element of Divine they are acquainted with nature born property department and function or deed department and assuming entire nature born property continue to live in properties they does not have affection of doer with nature born property and function or deed. [28]

Human who is awaken and beyond “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” nature born propeties they easily distinguse function or deed of human according to “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” nature born propeties. Human with property of “Tamsh” will incline towars laziness, sleep, day-dream etc. Human with “Rajash” property have nature of engaging in deed with determination, ego and material desire etc. and human with “Satvik” property will naturally engaged unattached in worldly and heavenly deed.

The Divine conscious human is able to acknowledge that deed is driven by “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” and they perform unattached deed free from ego, affection, hate, greed, angry and violance etc.

The body, nerves, senses, mind, intelleangence, creature, object all consist of “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” nature born propeties and called Gun department and their functions or deeds are called deed department.

The ignorant human assume relation with “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” nature born propeties and they mistakenly feel as doer. Whereas those who lack “I-am” and “this belongto me” they in soul conscious unattached themselves from their deed and nature.

Human excessively attracted or obsessed with “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” are attached in affection with “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” and deeds, The wise who have realised the element of Divine shall not unsettle the ignorant one.[29]

Human extremely influanced by “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun” nature born properties visualise their progress in naute born mortal deeds and fruits and invite rebirth. Those divine conscious who know to get liberation from birth-death cycle, they shall not scare or discourage the ignorant one rather they shall motivate them to continue to perform deeds which are responsible one and prescribed but in uattached way.

Human shall acknowledge function or deed produced out of nature born property and shall restrain from considring self as doer and developing ego and desires. Even in attending “Satvik” clean devine property they shall remain unattched from their virtue deeds and fruits.

The human who perform attached worldly and heavenly deed for enjoying they are bonded and even if they attend heaven they come back again to mortal world.

The unattached from affection, hate and desire etc. the Karmayogi does not need to analyse much on the property of deed. They only need the commitment and sacrifice in performing deed. He perform his all deeds considering blessing of Divine-God and lack ego and feeling of doer.

Therefore, you internally restraining nerves, consciously in union with Me who know everything, fight war free from expectation, belongingness and grief surrendering every deed to Me. [30}

The human whose conscious is fixed in Divine-God, without any expectation, and sense of belongingness with deed and no worry of failure, he will wage what type of war? To get rid of material-joy, angry, affection, hate, hope and discouraging etc. abnormalities which always push or bond human into material world is real war in religion. They in form of obstacles always attack human in devotion and righteous path. The ceases of above mentioned abnormalities facilitate win of divine war.

The entire function of world is supported by the cosmic energy of Divine-God, the nerve-sense-mind, body and object are all manifestation of cosmic energy. When human belief with full conviction that everything belong to Divine-God, and Divine-God belong to everyone that is too me also, and perform his responsible duty, then that deed is not cause of bonding rather cause of liberation. Precisely considering material world as own is cause for downfall and not considering own allow liberation.

Abandoning the assumption that nerves-sense-mind, body and nature belong to me is “Arpan” endowment or sacrifice. In other way we can say use of own reasoning power or intelligence and abandoning relation with deed and nature which is assumed in ignorance is “Arpan” or surrender to Divine-God.

The sole objective of Human shall be realization of element of divine, free from desire for material gratification. He should acknowledge that body and nature have been given by Divine-God for useful utilization of world not for sense gratification of self. In ignorance only body and nature are felt as own. Dedicating the unattached service to people denote “Arpan” or worship of Divine-God. If you lack the feeling that body or bodily cause function belong to Divine God, then “Arpan” is incomplete or unsuccessful and get rebirth as fruit and those who lack affection with body and nature they receive sustainable heaven or Divine-God

When ignorance human in absence of intelligence does not use properly the accessed object and consider it own and use for gratification or enjoy and develop desire for those objects which he lack then he is bonded with birth-death. When human give importance to mortal material he develops increasing desires which cause malpractice, sin, miseries etc. Therefore, Human shall perform only responsible deed abandoning desires for material gratification and accumulation.

To fulfill desire ordinary human get engage into attached deed or deed in expectation, whereas devotee to purify nerves-senses from affection-hate and desires for material gratification undertake unattached deed (Bhagavad-Gita: 05/11). The thinking of achieving mortal materials is desire. When forgetting Divine-God human take shelter of mortal world he develops need and desire. When assumed relation with world is abandon the needs are fulfilled by collectively using nature and sense gratification desire ceases.

Devine-God is suggesting that human shall not develop desire for material gratification of new object and shall not develop sense of belongingness with the obtained object and shall not grief for ceased object. Therefore, Arjuna free from grief and lethargy shall get ready for war or prescribed duty without any expectation of sense gratification, being even in favorable and unfavorable.

Any human who is free from abnormality of attachment and with full devotion always follow My this declaration he is released from the bonding with deed. [31]

One shall have firm faith on the teaching or injunction mentioned in previous stanza without resentment with Lord, even though he is unable to execute orders of Divine-God, he is liberated from the bondage of karma or cause and effect. This message is for the entire human community. As human in devotion move forward to divine conscious the conflict of knowledge and ignorance, soul and body are great obstacles in effort of restraining nerve-sense-mind. The successful restrain or renouncing is winning the highest war. The faith of all those who has not participated in this war is shared in next stanza.

Human who acknowledge that his body and nature does not belong to him, he easily abandon the assume relation or bondage with body and nature. Divine-God is the creator and lord of nature. Further, when he understand that this body has been given to take the opportunity of realization of element of Divine and get liberation from birth-death cycle, his devotion and faith increases.

The opinion of Divine-God is that by mistake human consider the given body and nature as own and become bonded, thus experiences miseries under the influence of belongingness and desires. For the liberation human shall abandon this bondage and feeling of doer and perform all deeds for the benefits of world making Divine-God happy. In addition to it nerves, mind, intelligence, body, knowledge, position, material and world are all function or work of nature. Therefore, they are in union with nature. The soul-form human is integral part of Divine-God. The objects of nature do not belong to human, human have only right to collectively use it in the best interest of creatures. Happily performing responsibilities in all circumstances is termed as following Divine-God. All these are real devotion or offering to Divine-God. Divine-God is stating these statements as his opinions due to his generosity, therefore he has not used word like order, and in fact all these are principle of religion.

To whatever extend mortal worldly materials human access he is never satisfied but once human realize element of Divine he is satisfied forever.

However, those who accusing Me does not follow My opinion, they ignorant in affection with entire knowledge are considered to be ruined own liberation. [32]

The disobedient who work against the order of Divine-God, in material conscious lack hope to attend perfection, therefore by inviting rebirth they ruined own life. Those who lack divine vision, unaware and deeply attached with affection, does not follow the principle of Divine-God or does not perform with full devotion responsibility or war in the context of Arjuna in Mahabharat, free from affection, hate, desire, sense of belongingness, greed, angry, happy and sorrow etc. In the divine knowledge path excessive tempted they are considered as ruined or corrupted in liberation from birth-death cycle.

The vested interested materialistic human want that entire objects of world shall belong to him. Whereas as Divine-God want that entire nature and deeds of human shall be for the world and that is considered as devotion or offering to Divine-God. The human with desire of material-joy and accumulation disobey the Divine-God, their all deeds are for senses gratification. This type of people are tempted with all type of knowledge, their innovation and knowledge only increases inequality in society and misery for environment and nature. They are like animal not aware of taking advantage of human body in achieving liberation from birth-death cycle. Therefore, they are considered as finished or gone case.

Motivated by affection-hate human go against the society, nature and Divine-God and receive rebirth in lower specie. Human whether belief in Divine-God or not but they shall obey the principle of religion and Divine-God.

Everyone follow their own property of nature, even human of divine knowledge make effort influenced by own nature, then what in this repression of anyone can accomplish? [33]

Every creature influenced by own property of nature perform deed. Divine conscious human also make effort according to own nature. Materialistic human consciously exist in deed for material gratification. Divine conscious human exist in own soul-form. Everyone does not agree with the opinion or order of Divine-God because they think and function according to the presser of property of nature i.e. “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun”. Materialistic human are not able to abandon affection, hate, expectation, belongingness, worry, sorrow, therefore not able to perform divine deed for the benefits of others.

Human perform deed following own nature or principle. The human natures are two types. One is nature free from affection etc. and another is nature inclusive of affection etc. The function influenced by affection-hate is of bonding in nature because it impure the nature of human. The function following principle of Divine-God liberate human, because it purify the nature of human.

Affection is born out of ego or feeling of “i-am” and “this belong to Me” and manifest in mind, intelligence, nerves and senses etc. The divine conscious human are free from ego thus perform virtue deed free from affection-hate etc. Ignorant assuming relation with deed become doer (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/27). When human assume relation with object and function it cause affection-hate, and he is bonded with birth-death cycle. Whereas human who does not assume relation with nature he is unattached from the feeling of doer (Bhagavad-Gita: 13/29).

The nature of divine conscious human is innocent and they are free from the presser of nature or are able to control the presser of nature. Because divine conscious human lack feeling of doer and material-joy they simply make efforts without desire for material gratification.

The property of nature of human is form in influence of culture, family, association, education, environment, thought, deed, and consciousness etc. There are two ways to improve to nature, by performing deed abandoning affection-hate (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/34)and taking shelter of Divine-God (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/62).

Earlier Divine-God has tried to convinced Arjuna by stating that your nature will forced you to fight as responsibility in war (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/59).

Affection-hate in hidden arrangement exist in nerves and their senses-joy, human shall not be under control of these two, because these two are great enemies stumbling block on the path of self-realisation. [34]

Unrestricted sense enjoyment is cause of material engagement, but one who is free from affection-hate they are not entangled by sense gratification objects. Therefore, human shall detach self from sensory activities because sense gratification lead to astray in divine path and when human realize element of Divine, if any hidden affection-hate exist unknown to the devotee that also ceases.

According to the assumption of favorable-unfavorable of human, affection-hate exist in their nerves (eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin) and in their respective senses (sight-appearance, sound/words, smell, taste-juice and touch). When human feel favorable with the subjects or senses of nerves he develop affection, and on feeling of unfavorable hate is developed. The same subject or sense-object is not felt same by everyone or same at every time by same human. Rain is favorable object for farmer in rural area however in city like Mumbai people life is adversely affected by heavy rain. The Lord Sun is more pleasant during winter but people worry in summer. Therefore, every object is liked or disliked according to the feeling of favorable and unfavorable.

The affection-hate is buried in the ego of human and manifested in nerves, senses, mind etc. The material-joy and anger are another version of affection-hate (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/37).

Human shall not undertake any deed or remain inactive under the influence of affection-hate, rather following scripture. Human in divine path shall never worry of immerging sense consciousness, because their sovereignty is mortal (Bhagavad-Gita: 02/55). Devotee shall not develop affection-hate with material conscious or memory because it will only further make them stronger, instead devotee shall discard them and remain consciously indifference to them. When human start performing responsible deed without expectation of sense gratification, to make life of others happy, following scripture, affection-hate ceases.

The divine conscious human never perform prohibited deed they naturally follow scripture and they are role model for others (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/21). Human shall keep their conscious even in favorable-unfavorable (Bhagavad-Gita: 13/09).

As long as human live in bodily consciousness he remain attached with affection-hate. When human abandon relation with body and nature, his feeling of “this belongs to me” along with affection-hate ceases.

The material and attached deed are not important in the services of mankind. The feeling of the doer is fundamental which Divine-God examines. A resource poor can do great service to humanity through his unattached feeling, concern and prayer.

It is far better to discharge own prescribed responsible duties, which might look inferior in compare to other’s duties. Even Death is salvation while performing self-responsibility, and embracing religion of other push into horrible birth-death cycle. [35]

Though the self-religion of other age-group, class etc. which look from outside qualitative, comfortable, ruminative, prestigious and lifelong pleasant, the result is regrettable for those whom it is not prescribed. On the other hand even if the prescribed responsible duty according to own age-group, class looked less qualitative, uncomfortable and harsher in practicing , uninteresting, lack income and honor, livelong painful etc. is source of salvation if perform without expectation of material gratification, accumulation, honor and return as favor in need or care at old age by children etc. Therefore, at any given situation human shall not abandon self-responsibility form religion. As human is born his duty or responsibility is prescribed (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/41), those who perform his prescribe duty he is liberated (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/45) and even if it look painful or faulty it shall never be abandon (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/48).

Here, Divine-God is categorically convincing Arjuna that for him begging is not the best option, he shall perform his responsibility of protection of world by participating in war and get liberation from birth-death cycle, what he actually wanted. He has been warned that if does not perform his responsibility he will invite criticism and sin (Bhagavad-Gita: 02/38), performing self responsibility free from affection-hate does not invite sin (Bhagavad-Gita: 02/38) and he attend conscious of equality in favorable-unfavorable and worry ceases ( Bhagavad-Gita: 06/23).

The performing of self responsibility arises according to age-group, class and situation is self-religion which is the best religion for human. Self-responsibility is easy to perform and is must or mandatory and it should be performed without any expectation of personal benefit. The self-responsibility is not performed considering profit-loss and happy-sorrow etc. rather unattached form expectation following the scripture. Favorable-unfavorable is opportunity for devotee to realize element of Divine, free from affection-hate etc.

Many great freedom fighters of India have laid their lives without bothering anything and became immortal. Those who protect religion they are protected by religion (Manusmriti: 08/15). King Harischandra who faced numerous pains and adversities in his live but he never deviated from following religion of truth, and he attended heaven along with fellow citizens.

When human forget his soul-form and consider his identity with body he develop affection-hate and he is not able to acknowledge his self-responsibility and religion.

Restrain of nerves-senses-mind, and awaken conscious and love for others are fundamental of self-religion, and all those which are for pleasure for bodily conscious is anti-religion. The activities of anti-religion may provide worldly comforts, happiness and honor etc, but ultimately cause rebirth. Which is termed as downfall in religion.

Everyone does not have the same the capability. One shall undertake responsibility according to age, class or capability and demand of the situation. As the age, capability and situation of person changes his responsibility also changes.

Pledge of Arjuna

Arjuna said: O descendant of Vrsni! Which is that force, whose powerful influence drag unwilling human to commit sin. [36]

Lord Krishna has born in the family of Vrishn at Yadukul. Arjuna question is very optimistic.

A wise human does not want to commit sin knowingly or unknowingly, because the result of sin is sorrow and pain which no one wants. A living entity is integral part of Divine-God and originally pure, free from all material contamination. Therefore, by original nature he is not part of sin of material world. However, he in contact with mortal worldly material perform sin, without hesitation. If human does not have desire for material-joy and accumulation, he will never commit sin.

The concern of Arjuna is that one who knows the sin and want to keep self way from sin, he also get engage in sin as if he has been forcefully push into sin. This way it seems that the force which influences the human to commit sin is very powerful. However, Divine-God has stated in stanza 03/34 that affection-hate born desire is great enemy of human and cause of sin. The Lord will explain further the cause in next stanza.

Kama desire for sense gratification and angry originated from Rajogoen property of material conscious even consumes like fire is never satisfied and are big sin. In this subject you consider it as enemy. (Gita:3/37)

Affection produces desire for material gratification, desire for material gratification further accelerate affection. When worldly materials are considered as a source of happiness it produces affection, in due process importance of which intensify. Then desire to accumulate the materials for deriving happiness begins. Repeated desire increases affection towards the materials. This keep on going until human abandon sinful deed.

To get the whimsical wishes done is desire for sense or material gratification. Desire to accumulate immortal materials from natural and desire to be happy in contact with object, affection with enjoy, all these are the nature of sense gratification.

My order shall run, people should obey me, particular material shall be used for my benefit and my word shall be honored are the form of sense pleasure.

Man commit sin under the influence of sense pleasure and angry. Different sin is committed by both therefore both elements are mentioned.

Greed is produced when desire for material gratification is realized, man became anger when he experience obstacle in meeting his desire, man became afraid when obstacle creator is powerful.

The sense-gratification is the root of all sins, sadness and hell of the world. You become sad when things which you desire don’t happen and things which you do not want occur. One can experienced adverse situation without any desire for it, similarly by luck without any wish or effort one can get conducive atmosphere.

Desire for unsustainable natural products is never ending and is in no way fulfilled. On the other hand wish to meet God/religious world is easily fulfilled and is sustainable. Generally man has desire for things which does not belong to him like materials of nature, but getting into God do not fall under desire as man and god are one not separate. To reach god is necessity of the life.

Desire of material gratification and accumulation of materials is for immediate happiness, where as hope of fruits from the works is desire for prospect happiness. Therefore, person should abandon both the distressful desires. When desire is fulfilled you again reach the same stage from where you have begun. Desire of the person attached with the worldly materials never end, one after another desire generate. Except wise people all others die with the desire of living further.

It is worthwhile to note that no desire for material gratification is sustainable, materials produced from the desire will definitely perish. Desire produce affection, if you do not have desire you are automatically free from the attachment with worldly materials. It is not difficult to be unattached from desire material gratification. If you are unattached you attend self-sustain, peace and freedom.

Desire for material gratification turn away man from social responsibilities, self identity and God and he get attached with destroyable world. One who is attached with destroyable world commits sins and due to which he gets hell and or lower yoni/species in next birth.

The ever changing matters looked static and worldly affection as true due to desire of happiness by chance contact with object. Man derives happiness from exploiting worldly materials and has wish for it because he consider them fixed or invariable. When person ignore that world is decaying every movement then he develop desire to consume worldly pleasures in illusion that it will provide sustainable pleasure or solution to his problem and become unattached from Divine-God and man is trapped in consumption of unsustainable pleasures.

Consumerism mentality make person slave of materials and inflict violence and downfall for not only self but also for others deprived one. Worldly materials are limited, one who consume excess, is mobilizing and or misappropriating the share of others. Consumerism mentality induces in mis-utilisation and destroys of materials or nature. Consuming only for sustaining of body is not desire for material gratification or sin. Person shall share life saving materials first with mother, father, guru, children, wife and old-aged etc. then consider for self. Wise people, free from worldly affection, do not destroy the materials, rather developed the materials for utilisation of others.

One can easily attain peace and joyful life by abandoning worldly desires. Unfortunately due to ignorant, person consider desire for material-joy as source for happiness and consider it as friends and well-wisher. Due to this assumption chain of desire for material gratification develops and it never breaks. Divine-God is warning that not to consider desire for material-joy as friend but to know it as enemy. desire for material-joy is enemy of man because it hides the rational intelligence, thinking power of man and induces them in sins. The karmyogi do not consider body, indriya/nerves, mun/mind, budhi/intelligence, valuable materials belonging to own, he use these for the benefits of world. Thus by serving the world, enemy in the form of desire for sense gratification is destroyed.

Human shall give preference to fulfill the righteous desire of others, even if he does not have the capability he should have positive feeling for them.

As like smoke hide fire and dust hide mirror as well as womb cover embryo, in the same way by that kamana-desire for sense gratification, this vivak/intelligence remain hidden. [38]

When man considers unsustainable worldly materials loving, special, source of happiness, beauty and important etc. thus kamana desire for sense gratification of them is produced in him. Basically this kamana desire for sense gratification is the factor which hides the vivak/ intelligence. Under which he forget sustainable relation with Divine-God, and responsible duty and prohibited deed.

Smoke proves that there is fire, if there is no fire in that place than how question of existing of smoke will arise? Therefore, as we have knowledge of existing of fire even hidden by smoke, there is vivak-power of reasoning in each and every one even if it is hidden by kamana desire for sense gratification and not able to realize element of Divine.

As slowly dust gather upon the mirror, reflection of image stopped from the mirror, similarly increase in velocity of kamana desire for sense gratification destroy the understanding that this is my responsibility for which I should dedicate my life and I should not do sinful works. As kamana desire for sense gratification increases, inversely in same way downfall of man begin. In such a situation, if person is alert as and when kamana desire for sense gratification is generated he uses his vivak/intelligence and protects himself from kamana desire for sense gratification and downfall.

Unfortunately people give shelter to kamana considering sources of happiness, doesn’t consider kamana as unattached element. They are unable to identify kamana. Once kamana is generated it increases rapidly. Person interested in realization of element of Divine-God easily identify kamana. Person who can identify kamana is capable of destroying kamana. People should keep their vikak activated and do not allow kamana to generate. Therefore, it is wise to finish the kamana as and when it takes birth, before it become stronger.

Essentially worldly materials are not important, its utilization has meaning. Knowledge, capital, power etc. does not have importance in itself, their proper utilization has value. The Understanding of this fact will check kamana. As per this principle a person is responsible for proper utilization of materials which he access. Then why does a person will have kamana for more? Does he will be able to do justice? Because he will be held responsible for the judicious and effective utilization of all resources which he will further access.

As the importance of worldly materials reduces the importance of Divine-God and religious or virtue work increases in the mind of disciple. Complete eradication of affection towards worldly materials will bring realization of element of Divine and automatic diminishing of kamana.

Divine-God suggest karmayog, “doing work for the benefits for all without any vested interest” as kalyankari/ savior, for all the people drawn in kamana. When doing all the small or big things you are alert with “why I do, and how I do” than you are aware of the objectives. When you always keep vision on objectives it do not allow you to do wrong work, it also check attachment from the benefits from good work undertaken, experience of unattached from worldly affection bring kalyan, liberation from birth-death cycle for the person.

O son of Kunti! this kamana desire for material gratification, enjoying which is never satisfied like burning fire, and like eternal enemy for one who know how to realize element of Divine or Heaven, intelligence of human is buried by that kamana . [39]

Divine-God is addressing the world that the kam-lust or kamana-desire for material gratification and accumulation is the main cause of sin and downfall of human. The material desire of human is never satisfied it always keeps on burning like fire. The Thirst or hunger for material desire and accumulation keep on increases irrespective of human hold what ever increasing amount of material and continuously enjoy desired and favorable objects. The matter is not obstacle the affection with material is obstacle in realization of element of Divine. The material desires of any human never accomplish either he is rich or poor, because desire is never finish or ceases. Human is free from desire only when he abandon desire for sense or material enjoy.

The desire to derive happiness in relation with nature is called kamana. The mentality of giving even slightly importance to mortal world is kamana. The desire to access the object which human lack is kamana. The hidden for of desire for material pleasure is vashna or Lust. Feeling of requirement of object is need. When object is considered lovely and importance or human is tempted with it it is case of affection. Desire to access more and more objects is greed. When desire for object increases is aspiration. All these are form of kamana. The kamana and angry are two enemies of human, angry in inclusive in kamana, therefore here it should be understood in same way. When human face obstacle in accomplishing kamana he become angry. When work is accomplish anger ceases but kamana or desire never end. The materialistic conscious human consider kamana as friends and source of happiness. Where kamana and angry reside is mentioned in next stanza so that human can get rid of it.

The kamana desire for sense gratification is cause of worry, sorrow, crime, sin, punishment and hell etc. Therefore this kamana is permanent enemy for ignorant human. Those who are divine conscious they are able to acknowledge kamana in form of enemy and destroy it as and when he acknowledges it. The desire for sense or material gratification increases the importance of worldly material and human is forced to takes shelter of sovereignty of mortal world. The kamana desire for sense gratification hide the intelligence of human, which does not allow him to reflect on element of Divine and keep him attracted or attached with mortal nature causing his rebirth.

Human whose intelligence or intuition is buried under desire for sense pleasure they feel that achieving favorable object is source of happiness, they does not realize that this object is constantly decaying, thus is not permanent solution and happiness, rather it making him increasing dependent on material world which is bonding and source of rebirth. They are not able to recognize that real sustainable happiness lay in renouncing desire for material-joy and realizing element of Divine. Remember when you will die at that time sovereignty of object will be not with you only Divine-God will remain with you.

Nerves, mind and intelligence are habitat of “Kama” material desire. This “Kama” by those hiding divine or real conscious creates temptation for bodily conscious human. [40]

Nerves, mind and intelligence are shelter of “kama” desire for sense or material joy. The mind is the center of all activities, and become reservoir of all ideas of sense gratification, and create false ego in which human develop relation with material and become addicted to enjoy the material senses, thus commit sin after sin. As long as material desire is not separated from ego human continue to commit sins for material gratification. Therefore, material desire is bonding in nature and does not allow human to progress in realization of element of Divine.

“Kamana” material desire with the help of nerves, mind and intelligence buries the divine or original conscious, and motivate the human to perform those prohibited deeds which shall not be undertaken and does not allow to perform those virtue deeds which shall be perform. These ways human is tempted under “kamana” material desire.

“Kamana” material desire first lure nerves, human want to enjoy with the senses the desired object, nerves pull mind and mind keep on thinking to get the desired object, then nerves and mind jointly pull intelligence for realization of desired object or sense gratification.

“Kamana’ material desire, angry, greed and temptation are very close, encourage each other and put material conscious human into downfall. Those who are not material conscious and live in soul-form, they do not give important to material world and not bonded with worldly matter.

Therefore, O Arjuna, best of the Bharatas, foremost restrain or curb nerves to kill sinful “kam” or desire for sense gratification, which destroy divine knowledge and divine conscious. [41]

When function of nerves is not influenced by “kam” or lust or desire for sense-enjoy and driven by conscious of own survival, rights of others and devotion or realization of element of Divine then nerves is under restrain or control. In other words when nerves are not active on affection and inactive on hate (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/10). When human perform responsible deed and restrain from prohibited deed according to scriptures he develop ability to control and restrain nerves, sense and mind.

As long as nerves of human is influenced by “kam” or desire for sense-enjoy he is not able to concentrate upon realization of element of Divine. Human is engaged through nerves and body. If the nerves are attracted towards object or sense-subject, desire for that object is born and human is entangled. When human started performing material desire inclusive deed he becomes slave of nerves and fall dawn into birth-death cycle.

Thus answer to the question of Arjuna “ why unwillingly human perform sin?” the intelligence of human which know the virtue and sin when is buried by lust or material desire he under temptation and illusionary happiness commit sin. When intelligence or intuition of human is awakened he performs deed considering the result or impact, when intelligence is hidden by desire for material-joy he does not bother about the cause and effect of deed or law of karma.

This “kam” or desire for sense gratification hides knowledge and science or divine conscious in other words does not allow to operate them.

When “kam” or desire for sense gratification born possibility of committing sin increases. The increasingly “kam” or desire for sense gratification hide intelligence and human lost the ability to distingue virtue and sin thus is cause of sin. Therefore, Divine-God is advising human community to kill this “kam” or desire for sense gratification the source of sin by putting all strengths and will power in restraining nerves at the earliest.

O Arjuna! Nerves is best, mind is beyond nerves, intelligence is beyond mind and that which is beyond intelligence is your soul and that you are therefore you are capable of restraining nerves, mind, intelligence. [43]

The nerves are beyond senses or object or body. The senses or object or body are acknowledged by nerves. Nerves are best, strong, enlightener, expanded and in micro form.

Five nerves eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin recognizes respective five sense sight-appearance, sound/words, smell, taste-juice and touch. Any of the nerve does not recognize the sense or subject of other nerve. For example ear can acknowledge word or sound but fail in acknowledging touch, appearance, test, smell etc.

Mind is best than nerves it acknowledges all the five nerves and their respective senses.

The intelligence recognizes the mind whether it is stable or disturb, it know the mind and also resolution of mind. The intelligence recognizes nerves and senses through mind. Therefore, intelligence is best than mind, nerves and senses and enlightener of mind, nerves and senses.

When human develop feeling of belongingness with nerves, mind, intelligence and body he develop ego or “I-am” and become bodily conscious and slave of “Kama” or material desire and thus develop bonding with nature in anticipation of material pleasure.

Body conscious push human towards material-joy and divine conscious engage human in realization of element of Divine. Material desire exist as long as human assume relation with body and nature. When human is awaken and make his sole aim of realizing element of Divine, the desire for material-joy start diminishing and ultimately ego and desire for material-joy ceases, as he progress in divine path and attend his soul-form.

When the human abandon material sovereignty, take completely shelter of Divine-God, soul is directly engage with Divine-God then living in divine conscious automatically other subordinates, like intelligence, mind and nerves are also engage with Divine-God. However, unless soul-form is strengthen in divine conscious there is every possibility of falling down due to the agitated mind.

This way O mighty armed Arjuna! Knowing your own micro and powerful soul which is beyond intelligence, control your mind by spiritual intelligence kill this difficult enemy known as “Kam”. [43]

This “Kam” lust or desire for material-joy live in ego, not in soul-form. When human develop relation with nature he develop material desire, thus as he abandon relation with nature he attend soul conscious. The way to abandon material desire is to abandon relation with body and nature attends divine conscious or soul-form. When human forget his own soul-form and attracted towards the material sovereignty he develop material desire. The material desire is born out of feeling of scarcity and material world is form of scarcity.

One influence by lust and desire for material resources can control his material sense, mind and intelligence developing divine conscious. When desire to realize element of Divine increases the worldly desire decreases, because Divine-God is omnipresence, immortal and self sufficient, there is no dearth in it.

Addressing Arjuna as mighty arm denote that he is being motivated that to know his own soul-form and competency in abandoning material world and desire.

Everyone has right and is competent to realize element of Divine. However, none are competent to fulfill his never ending material desires, but abandoning material desire is possible. A divine conscious human to abandon his relation with nature and material desire, use his happiness or favorable in best interest of others and sorrow or unfavorable in abandoning material desire. One who abandon material desire he is free from happy-sorrow, affection-hate and bonding with nature, thus internally clean he quickly realizes element of Divine.

When human consider material object as own he feel scarcity in own, to rid scarcity he look towards material word, and develop desire. However the mortal material world is not able to satisfy immortal soul-form human. There is no use of developing desire for mortal object. The material desire associated with ego can be killed by austere and attending own soul-form. When human abandon generating new-new desire the old desires also ceases.

Soul-form is immortal and infinite, the nerves, mind, intelligence and body get energy from soul, therefore human shall recognize the power of own soul and get liberation, otherwise human consider self under the nerve, mind, intelligence and body.