The Bhagavad-Gita begin with the inquiry of Dhrtarastra, he was hopeful of victory of his sons assisted by great warrior like Bhisma, Drona and Karna etc. Sanjaya contradicted with the statement that victory was certain for the side of Arjuna because of extraordinary support by infinite Divine-God Krishna. Surrender into Divine-God is the verdict of any teaching of scripture.

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Whatever deeds you can perform dedicate mentally to Me that I am the cause not you of all these, and embracing equality form divine and consciously always unite with Me. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/57)

Divine-God is advising following four elements:

1) Offer consciously all the deed you can perform to Me, considering that you were not the reason behind it rather it is all My grace.

2) Completely dedicate self to Me not believing in sovereignty of material world.

3) Taking shelter of divine equality abandon relation with material world.

4) Always awaken element of divine consciously in mind or build unbroken relation with Me or always follow Me in performing any deed.

To remain in divine conscious denote mentally accepting strongly that mind, intelligence, nerves, body etc. along with creature, material, object, event and situation of world all belong to Divine-God, He is creature and owner, none of these belong to me, I have only right to use those in the benefits of world. Ego conscious human by mistake consider all material and deed belong to them, therefore human shall rise above the body conscious and acknowledge the sovereignty of Divine-God.

Believing strongly that I am totally dependent on Divine-God, I belong to Divine-God and Divine-God belong to me, I have no purpose with any territory, time, object, human-being, event and situation etc, by mistake human belief that material belong to them and have become dependent on them, they now feel that they cannot survive without them, these realization facilitate union with absolute Lord.

There is lot of glory of equality in scriptures. Human naturally has character of equality, but he in bonding with nature develops affection-hate and experience happy-sorrow in relation with entry and exiting situation. When human is determined that he is same in favorable and unfavorable creature, object, even, situation, loss-profit, happy-sorrow he raise above happy-sorrow and develop quality of equality free from affection-hate etc. abnormalities.

Human shall not dilute his conscious with the deed he performing and in the situation, in which he is leaving, keep the conscious unattached. One who totally surrenders to Divine-God naturally in his conscious Divine-God exist.

This way consciously upholding Me you will cross entire obstacles of conditional life by My grace, however if you in ego do not listen Me you will meet eventually downfall. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/58)

According to Divine-God if Arjuna or any human follow His principle or advice, he effortlessly cross all obstacle, difficulty, mourn and sorrow under the mercy and shelter of Divine-God.

The assumed relation of human with nature which had deviated him from Divine-God is main obstacle in realization of element of Divine. When realization of element of Divine become sole aim of Human, he abandon relation with nature and look in front of Divine-God, and dedicate all his worldly and heavenly services in form of universal wellbeing to Divine-God, in such cases whatever the bonding remain broke due to glory of Divine-God.

Human who has relation with nature and body which is work of nature on them the law of religion is applicable. Those who have raise above the bodily conscious free from affection-hate, desire, greed, accumulation, angry and violence etc. such human are unattached from the profit-loss of deed and exempted because they are under the shelter of Divine-God.

Human face obstacle in the course of devotion, committed devotee remain unaffected, consider it that Divine-God is taking examination and try to overcome the problem in best way following the scriptures. He considers such cases as opportunity given by God to purify nerves from affection-hate and happy-sorrow and enhance tolerance level and adversity management. When human is unattached from nerves he is free from the feeling of sensual obstacle and sorrow etc.

The human who in ego of that he is powerful, he can also do, he can understand everything, they have independent sovereignty not following the advise of Divine-God have been warned of their downfall or rebirth and hell. The ego increases proud and in which human stop thinking judiciously and prohibited deed in religion and turn back from Divine-God and meet downfall. The power which is in divine-grace no worldly material can match with it, therefore human shall lead devotional life with strong belief, which will liberate human from birth-death cycle.

Divine-God has stated that with His mercy He enlighten human-being (10/11), He has generously displayed His grand form (11/47), with same grace He is stating that with His glory human will get liberation (18/56) and with His grace human cross all obstacles (18/58).

Arjuna was afraid that participating in war will lead to massacre and even death of his own relative which will cause sin, Divine-Lord is assuring that war free from material-joy and accumulation for the protection of people from the demoniac sovereignty, is His responsibility, therefore he shall participate in war, with the divine-grace his all obstacles will be removed and he will attend heaven.

You are assuming influenced by ego that you will not fight battle, yours this resolution is untruth, because yours nature of “ksatriya” will engage you in warfare. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/59)

Arjuna was a military man and by nature or property a“ksatriya”, whose responsibility is to fight for the protection of people or sacrifice everything for others. Due to affection with family, spiritual-master, neighbor etc. he was hesitating to fight war with “karawa” camp. This bonding has been termed as false ego, due to which he was pretending that he is sacrificing to save the life of several people, which will incur sinful reactions. Which is not the actual factor the affection was deviating Arjuna in performing his responsibility deed. Responding to the ignorance or lack of divine knowledge of Arjuna, Divine-God is awakening his “ksatriya’ property” and awaring him of his responsibility to motivate him.

Human giving high importance to nature develop bonding and thereby ego. This ego always keeps human in bodily conscious. Under the shelter or depended on nature human never remain non-functioning, participating or withdrawing from in responsibility or deed both are considered as deed or function. Nature keep on changing therefore human depended on nature cannot survive without deed (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/05).

When human in ego is dependent on nature and take stand that he will work or not both are guided by expectation none are unattached. Human cannot be free from to do or not to do under the shelter of nature. To do or not to do both are considered as deed for material conscious human. Under the expectation if human refuse to perform responsibility deed he falls into sin. On the other hand one who has abandon relation with nature or is under the shelter of Divine-God, he is free from doer feeling in performing all worldly and heavenly deed and free from virtue-sin of deed, and he does notr need to perform any deed for benefit of self.

Divine-God is confidence that Arjuna will understand his responsibility and participate in war. The gist of this stanza is that being insensitive not responding to the cry for help of people in crises is a gross sin.

O son of Kunti! The deed which you are not willing to perform under the influence of obsession, but compelled by relation of previous natural deed you will perform that free from pressure. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/60)

Nature of human is form by habit which is develop in the process of influence of various factors like, conscious and deed of previous birth, culture of parent and family, observation of environment since birth, quality of education, socialization and deed which he perform etc. This manifest in naturally perform deed of human.

Divine-God is awaring that human shall perform deed naturally or by quality he possess but according to approval of scriptures. Arjuna will be compelled by his nature of “Ksatriya” to participate in war, but warning is that it should be free from affection-hate and according to religion or in other words as per direction of Divine-God.

The living-being free from affection-hate have pure nature, they are not under the presser or slave of nature. The ordinary living-being work under the influence of or compelled by his nature (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/33). If Arjuna participates in war compelled by his nature, the result will be sorrow and sin if attached with abnormalities of affection- hate etc. Whereas if Arjuna participate in war under the direction of Divine-God then affection-hate will start diminishing, because his vision will be towards the direction of Divine-God not towards the affection-hate. Therefore his deed will be not bonded rather a virtue.

The affection-hate is special enemy of living-being (Bhagavad-Gita: 03/34). Performing deed according to scriptures and abandoning any deed which human want to do but is prohibited by scripture will diminish affection. And when human lack interest in any deed but compelled or motivated to perform happily by the order of scriptures, then this will wipeout hate.

When human completely surrender to Divine-God along with the things belonging with him, then under the shelter of Divine-God his sense of belongingness will ceases, then his all deeds are perform as per the direction of Divine-God.

In conclusion when “karmayogi” perform deed free from abnormalities of affection-hate his nature become pure(Bhagavad-Gita: 03/34) , when a saint or living renouncer order of live offer everythings to Divine-God his nature become pure (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/62).

Him During the exile Rama visited Agastya Rsi, Agastya Rsi presented Rama a vow of Visnu and turning to Sita Agastya Rsi praised her saying that she had earned eternal marica, golden deer

O Arjuna! Entire living-beings in form of mechanical-body are being rotated in birth-death cycle according to their nature-deed by “maya” of Divine-God who know everything and exist in the heart of every creatures. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/61)

After changing body in ignorance the living entity forget his past deeds and birth, but the Super-soul, as the knower of the past, present and future, remain the witness of all of their activities and direct their journey of after death. The dilemma of Arjuna on whether to fight or not to fight war was confined to his discretion based on obsession and limited knowledge. One carried by material body should not think of independently from Supreme-Lord.

The Divine-God who is creator and owner and caretaker of all, facilitate after death journey of everyone who has assumed body as their own. When bodily conscious human function as per own nature of “Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh” and ego of “I-am” and “this belong to me” he is being facilitated by Divine-God in birth-death cycle according to their natural deed. However as soon he get down from the bodily consciousness he perform unattached worldly and heavenly deed with expactation he is liberated from bith-death cycle.

The relation of “I-am” and “this belong to me” with body give birth of affection-hate and impure the nature of human and also human is dependent on own nature. When human totally abondon relation with body, is free from affection-hate, then he is not slave of own nature. The human whose nature is clean, free from affection-hate, not dependen on nature, he is not facilitated by “maya” of Divine-God.

Human has received body to get liberation from birth-death, therefore he has right to correct his nature. A good nature human perform meritorious deed.

Many disciples commit mistake of understanding that while performing religious function he is far away from Divine-God, he will not find Divine-God now, he is not eligible to see Divine-God and he lack mercy of Divine-God etc. and make separation from Divine-God stronger. When disciples look in front of Divine-God, take shelter of Divine-God, follow the principle of Divine, abandon is independent bodily sovereignty, then all the abnormalities of separation and dependent on material sovereignty ceases and by which one able to contact the Lord and qualifies to ascend to the spiritual world and live in eternal bliss with Him.

O family legend Bharat! Surrender with full faith to that Divine-God who know everything, with His grace you will receive transcendental peace and the supreme eternal abode. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/62)

By surrendering to Divine-God human will be relieve from all kinds of miseries of his material existence and will also attend Supreme-God.

There is common weakness of human-being that whosoever is near to him he lack faith upon him and importance of him in own mind. Therefore, instead of referring directly to Self indirectly He is referring to Self as to surrender to Divine-God who exist everywhere, who know everything and who is everything or all in all without taking shelter of worldly material.

The surrendering to Divine-God denote that complete faith on the resolution of Divine-God even if it is against or adverse to body-nerves-mind etc. accept it gracefully and happily, consider it that it is given an opportunity to purify nerves-mind-body from abnormalities of affection-hate, happy-sorrow, greed-angry etc. and get liberation.

Thus I have explained to you this most confidential knowledge, properly reflect on this most secret knowledge then you do as you wish. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/63)

Divine-God has explained to Arjuna how by a devotee free from affection-hate through devotion and or deed unattached with expectation realized element of Divine and attend sustainable peace and happiness, then he does not need to do anything because he is free from material desire. These divine knowledge has become extreme secrete because of lack of deliberation and human of materialist nature do not give attention, they joke on the saint who try to convince them.

When Arjuna does not responded on the advice to take shelter of Divine-God who knows everything. The kindhearted Divine-God as well-wisher is motivating Arjuna to think over the deliberations on divine knowledge and to decide whether to stand with Him i.e religion or truth, or to choose separation. Obviously any devotee will cope with threatening or warning of Divine-God but will never like to depart from Him. This made Arjuna be anxious on what will be next move of Divine-God. Then the Divine-God who knew everything of the mind of Arjuna started reassuring on how to realize Divine who lives invisibly in heart of everyone.

Since you are My dearest, I will repeat My supreme sermon for you, listen, the sacred instruction which is beneficial for you. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/64)

Divine-God is advising Arjuna to just surrender to Him, and follow His direction which will be in his benefit. He is repeating most essential part of knowledge which should be carried out by Arjuna and all.

As Arjuna has become anxious of being separation from Divine-God, Divine-God is pacifying him and again sharing the gist of sacred sermon which is secret because it is not shared with who is non-believer and un-tolerance. Arjuna considering unable to religion by self has requested Divine-God to give divine knowledge to him. On this Divine-God is assuring him to shift responsibility of take decision on religion upon Him, he will liberate him from all sins.

Divine-God is considering Arjuna as his best friend, 04/11 state the way devotee surrender to Divine-God, in same way Divine-God embrace him. One who tool shelter of Divine-God he is protected from all creatures and situation from Divine-God (Balmiki-6/18/33).Any shelter except of shelter of Divine-God is not sustainable. When event, object, creature of material world is mortal than how shelter of material world would be sustainable. The material shelter will not sustain but will leave anxious, pain and sorrow etc.

Always keep me consciously in your mind, become My devotee, become My worshiper and offer homage to Me. Doing so you will realize Me, This is My true promise because you are My dearest. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/65)

The formal devotion or meditation is of no work. One should be pure devotee always in Divine consciousness. All activities or duties shall be in connection to Divine-God. And Lord promise that such devotee attend abode of divine. This is a most confidential part of knowledge spoken to Arjuna. One who has faith and follow Divine-God he become dearest like Arjuna of Divine-God.

The human shall change his conscious from “I-am” to “I belong to Divine-God and Divine-God belongs to him” and “I do not belong to material world and mortal world does not belong to me”. These changes in sense of belongingness help in performing devotion naturally.

The object which human think belong to him he love it. Similarly when human start acknowledging “I belong to Divine-God and Divine-God belongs to him”, the Divine-God become dear and mind is easily think of name, quality and affect of Divine-God.

As material conscious is replaced by divine conscious the duty, service and responsibility feeling changes into devotional feeling by following element of Divine in each and every worldly and heavenly deed. He considers all creatures children of Divine-God and nature created for all and his all services is for benefit of others.

Surrendering to the foot of Divine-God denote totally believing upon Divine-God, that whatever resolution of Divine-God will be favorable or unfavorable all be in his benefit. He belief that whatever is happening in his life is not the result of his past deed, but resolution of Divine-God is for his liberation from his virtue-sin, purification and to attract him towards Divine-God.

The divine-conscious person whose all worldly and heavenly deeds are dedicated to universal well being realize element of Divine is the promise of Divine-God.

All the creatures are integral part of Divine-God and dear to Him. On the basis of past deed Divine-God facilitate rebirth in body of eighty four lakh species, and hell to purify the creature, but Divine-God favor every one and create resolution and opportunity so that every creature ultimately get liberation from birth-death cycle.

Abandoning shelter of all religious belief surrender to only omniscient Me. I will liberate you from all sins, do not bother. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/66)

Here to surrender shelter of all religious belief denotes to surrender of shelter of responsible deeds. What to do or what not to do totally these shall be given to Divine-God to direct or follow principle of Divine-God in conducting all deeds.

Arjuna though to beg is best than to fight war which was his responsibility ( 02/05) this consideration was rejected by Divine-God (02/31–28). Arjuna has doubt whether to participate in war is best or to withdraw from war (o2/06), if we participate in war, it will cause carnage of family- legend, eliminating relative is sin, which will increase ill-practices (02/40–44). On these Divine-God is advising not to bother about these, leave it to Him, He will direct Arjuna properly and liberate him from all sins.

To perform all worldly and heavenly deeds consciously in union with Divine-God is the essence of the knowledge delivered by Divine-God. Human shall surrender self completely to Divine-God with mind and body, without believing on sovereignty of material world. If after surrendering to Divine-God if there is no changes in conscious and deed than human has not completely surrendered to Divine-God, he is not in union with Divine-God, he still belief in “I-am” and “this belong to me”.

To live in anxious after surrendering to Divine-God is insult to Him, and crime and reflect proud of the disciple. To think or worry of own error after surrendering to Divine-God is case of proud of self sovereignty, because he may be thinking that he is capable of wiping out error of his deed. Worry of human indicates his lack of confidence in Divine-God.

Arjuna has surrendered to Divine-God (02/07), then also he was taking responsibility to decide on to participate or not in war and was anxious about it which was his mistake, Divine-God is correction him be asking him to have faith on His direction.

One should always think himself helpless, and prefer divine consciousness for his worldly and heavenly progress in life, he is freed from the contamination of material world, he does not need to execute so many methods of religion, cultivating knowledge to purify nerves-mind-body and meditation and yoga etc.

The Human under the shelter of material world experiences fear, sorrow, anxious, doubt etc. when human take the shelter of Divine-God the abnormality of fear, sorrow, anxious, doubt etc started ceasing according to the increasing belief on Divine-God. He even does not afraid of death because he is free from bodily conscious and lives in divine conscious. He does not have any grievances on the past and face present as the opportunity to free self from affection-hate etc. He along with all belonging surrenders to Divine-God with complete faith that He will take care of him. Everyone are dear to divine-God even those who are nonbelievers. Divine-God takes incarnation time to time, to protect devotee, eliminate evils and establish sovereignty of religion (Bhagavad-Gita: 04/08).

This confidential knowledge in any time neither shall be shared with those who lack austere, neither with those who are not devotee, those who does not like to hear does not tell them, those who doubt upon Me or envious with Me etc. do not tell them also. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/67)

Those who consider various incarnation of Divine-God as only historical personality, or who are envious with greatness of Divine-God they will not honor the principle of Divine-God and dislike to hear the glories of Divine-God. Therefore one shall not be disappointed or frustrated if they do not give attention to them while delivering divine sermon. The sensual human will not understand the purpose of divine knowledge, highly materialistic human give importance to sensual objects, or they may do business in name of religion. The Divine-God is subject of awaken mind which need discipline practice of austere.

Happily experiencing adversity, obstacle and pain in performing responsible worldly and heavenly deed is austere. Austere purify human nerves-mind from affection-hate etc. abnormalities. Which help in understanding the divine knowledge. Austere is classify as following:

Those who are free internally from conflict of affection-hate, happy-sorrow, pleasure-pain, honor-disrespect, criticism-praise etc. (Bhagavad-Gita; 07/28).

Those who have ability to control material-desire, lust, angry, greed and hate etc. (Bhagavad-Gita: 05/23).

Those who does not doubt on their religious belief hearing praise of belief of others (Bhagavad-Gita: 05/05).

Those who lack in own qualification, authority, position, renounce and austere but do not feel inferior complex hearing praise of quality of others (Bhagavad-Gita: 12/15).

The people who lack above mentioned quality will misinterpret the divine message and will invite own downfall.

The who in love with Me deliver this scare supreme divine conversation to My devotees he will attend Me undoubted. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/68)

One who sincerely tries to present the conversation of Divine-God or scriptures will advance in devotional progress and will reach home or shelter of Divine-God. This service is great, because motivated devote is able to follow principle of Divine-God and get rid of the ego, the nest of all imaginary troubles and remember that he is made in the image of Divine-God and become established in its real, perfect nature as the blissful images of divine-God, omnipresent and ever blissful.

One who deliver sermon of Divine-God with only devotion lacking any expectation of honor, material benefit etc. to liberate human from rebirth-making mortal habits and desires are dear one of Divine-God.

One who wishes to listen with great feeling of respect, faith and devotional mind the sermon of Divine-God is called devotee.

No one in human community is performing My dearest deed than him, and none other than him in solar system will be My dearest in future. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/69)

Those who deliver sermon of Divine-God or scriptures without any expectation of material gain and honor in divine love with sole mission of life to facilitate liberation of human being, awakening human to lead life with divine vision, are performing favorite deed of Divine-God and dearest of Divine-God.

Those who abandon bonding with worldly material desire move close to Divine-God automatically. And he who realize the human society their immortal relation with Divine-God is dearest to Divine-God in world.

Those who are publishing sermon of Divine-God and delivering through various sources without any expectation, biases, hurting sentiment of others, creating doubt, intention of creating religious group, hostility among various religious groups etc. only for awakening society are doing great job.

The sermon of Divine-God does not advocate to change, dress, appearance, occupation, condition, territory and function etc. rather to change conscious, clarify doubts, build conscious, make nerves-mind-body free from hate-affectation etc. abnormalities.

I declare that human who study sacred conversation between us, I will be worshiped by him by his knowledge-ritual. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/70)

The sacred conversation between Divine-God and human which is essence of religion or scriptures are rare and in very special opportunity.

When human is fade up with miseries of material world and search peace take shelter of religion. Then he hears or study scriptures with heart, find religious solution of life, behave accordingly and perform responsible deeds. When he gain hope for getting solution and light he become devotee. As the curiosity of listener increases, the quality of conversation increases.

When in curiosity Arjuna requested question from Lord Krishna, the divine conversation begin (02/54). The human being by embracing the sermon or element of Divine can pass extreme difficult phase of life comfortably and prove worthiness of human life.

Human shall not be worry with unfavorable situation, they shall utilize the opportunity properly by abandoning desire for favorable situation. As the desire for favorable will be more the experiences of adversity will be worst. As the desire for favorable ceases accordingly affection with favorable and hate or fear from unfavorable will also ceases. On ceasing of affection and hate or fear the feeling of equality become stronger and conscious of equality is for of Divine-God.

Expose to the message of Divine, clear the doubt of human, increase interest of human in religion and his behave and deed is influence by the principle of Divine- God. The element of Divine help human to understand his own actual situation and to peruse right path in performing all worldly and heavenly deed thus he worship Divine-God always be dedicating his all functions.

Divine-God listen the lesion deliver on scripture because Divine-God exist everywhere (09/04) and he has ear everywhere (13/13).

One who listens with faith and without reservation this divine conversation, he also become free from sinful reactions and attend to the auspicious planets where the pious dwell. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/71)

Divine-God has explicitly forbid speaking divine messages to envious of the Lord (18/67) in other words it shall be delivered to only devotee. However in open class delivery of divine message many participants though may be not devotes but they may also not be envious and are expected to learn the essence of divine-knowledge and attend results of righteous activities. Thus this is opportunity for everyone to become devotee and get liberation from birth-death cycle.

Those who belief on the divine message have faith on Divine-God, and who does not have doubt or see any short coming in divine message is free from reservation or abnormalities.

Divine-God is free from any abnormalities therefore His message is also pure, whereas message of human is subject to biased, illusion, lack reason and affection because of their bonding with nature.

Those who listen and acknowledge their relation with Divine-God and perform unattached all worldly and heavenly deeds attend divine peace and happiness.

O Partha! Have you heard this message with attentive mind, and O Dhannjay! Does yours affection caused by lack of knowledge has ceases. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/72)

The Divine-God assuming the role of spiritual master has delivered divine message, therefore as responsibility He is taking feedback from Arjuna whether he has understood the message in true perspective or not and darkness of ignorance or doubt on responsible deed has dispelled or not.

Supreme Lord is addressing Arjuna as “Partha” as a gesture of love, in the beginning also same way Arjuna was address by Lord. Lord is inquiring whether Arjuna has listened His teaching devotionally and attentively or not and have thought over it or not and his affection with family has ceases or not.

Also addressing Arjuna as Dhannjay which denote conqueror of wealth, Supreme Lord is giving opportunity to Arjuna to win over Divine-Knowledge and live an ecstasy life.

Arjuna declared — O Invariable, with your grace my illusion has gone, and regained my conscious. I am now firm, free from doubts and ready to obey Yours instructions. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/73)

Divine-God has been addressed as invariable, stable and sustainable because He is identical in past, present and in future in compare to material world which is constantly varying and decaying (18/73, 01/21, 11/42).

Divine-God has inquired with Arjuna that why he is eager to know Him, He is holding entire worlds from his one part. After knowing glories of Divine-God Arjuna was enlightened and shared his feeling that now he his affection has ceases (11/01), however on watching grand form of Divine-God Arjuna lost balance on which Divine-God commented that this is your ignorance, do not get grief and affectionate. Here now after asking omnipresence Divine-God Arjuna is acknowledging that he has lost illusion and same time has gain divine conscious.

There is a difference between memory or conscious by nerves-mind and conscious of element of Divine. The memory of conscious by nerves-mind is subject to worldly evidence and conscious of element of Divine is subject to awaken mind or self realization. When the subject of realization is not hidden or is in appear form is conscious state (Yogdarshan: 01/11).

Worldly conscious is bonding in nature due to absent of divine knowledge whereas divine conscious liberate human from ignorance. When human give importance to worldly sovereignty, the relation with Divine-God is forgotten, as a result the divine conscious become dormant. When human realize the element of Divine then conscious of untruth ceases and divine conscious become alive. According to the background and interest of devotee divine conscious is classified into three categories.

· conscious of “karanyog” , unattached deed without any expectation of material joy and accumulation for the benefit of others.

· conscious of self soul form abandoning bodily conscious.

· conscious of devotion acknowledgement of own sustainable relation with Divine-God.

When above three conscious are alive they are called instruments in devotion.

Assuming relation with body and nature human forget his relation with Divine-God and by abandoning relation with body and nature human gain soul conscious. Soul conscious is without any desire and abnormalities. Divine conscious is awakened when there is totally un-attachment with nerves-mind-body. Conscious is proven by experiences.

Conscious is awakened with the mercy of Divine-God. Divine-God persuaded Arjuna till he attended divine conscious. When human realize “he belong to Divine-God” and “Divine-God belong to him” and Divine-God is omnipresence, immortal and infinite etc. he realized the Divine-Conscious.

Arjuna has understood that what he was thinking earlier was wrong interpretation of religion and now he very well understood his responsible deed for benefit or protection of world and is ready to follow the direction of Divine-God.

Earlier Arjuna has developed family affection. This affection is cause due to thinking of sensual object, and thereafter affection transform into desire, desire into angry and angry cause obsession or temptation, and obsession or temptation destroy the born divine conscious, which further cause loss of intelligence and ultimately cause downfall (Bhagavad-Gita: 02/62–63). By abandoning bonding with nature and ignorance Arjuna attended natural soul form on the mercy of Divine-God.

Sanjay affirmed- This way I have heard passionate secret sanctified conversation of Lord Basudev and great soul Arjuna. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/74)

The conversation was wonderful as Divine-God was heard explaining Arjuna about Self, His glories and His energy flowing to living entity. Arjuna was great soul as he has abandoned worldly sovereignty and has taken shelter to Divine-God and has follow the divine instruction free from affection, hate, material joy and accumulation and has won the grace of Divine.

Sanjay has started sharing the conversation (01/20) and is now ending what he has heard speaking Divine-God and Arjuna.

There is misconception that human when abandon worldly life and lead devotional life then only he is liberated. This has been clarified by the divine conversation that in whatever situation, condition, event, territory and time human live utilizing those in best way for the humanity without expectation is the responsibility of human, and performing which he attend divine world. The situation is whether highly favorable or unfavorable, in every situation human gets liberation from birth-death cycle by performing unattached responsibility deeds.

The rebirth is cause of bonding of affection with nature (Bhagavad-Gita: 13/21), elimination that affection is utilization of situation, human who perform responsible deed free from affection-hate he happily is liberated (Bhagavad-Gita: 05/03).

The liberation is ceasing relation with every worldly situation, whether it is highly favorable or unfavorable, because when affection is abandoned hate automatically ceases, and abandoning affection-hate ceases relation with nature which is nature.

By the mercy of saint Vayasa, I have heard this most confidential knowledge of union with Divine-God directly from Lord Krishna. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/75)

Sanjaya admit that with the mercy of spiritual master Vayasa he could understand the Lord Krishna, thus spiritual master is the transparent medium, although it is direct experience of hearing Divine-God. This is mystery of the disciple succession. The bona fide spiritual master empowers the devotee to hear directly from Divine-God. With the grace of Vayasa, the nerves-senses-mind of Sanjaya was purified, and he could see and hear Divine-God directly and his knowledge on herd element of divine is perfect. There is hardly any difference hearing sermon directly from Divine-God or bona-fide spiritual master.

O Lord! I am thrilled at every moment as I repeatedly recall this wondrous and holy dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna.( Bhagavad-Gita: 18/76)

The divine conversation shall be always kept alive consciously in mind and humans shall live cheerful. One who hear divine message rightfully he never forget it such is the glory of divine message, become increasingly enlightened and life is thrilled every moment.

Sanjay is thrilled by remembering divine message which show way to get liberation in very situations even in serious situations like participating in war etc. Arjuna was not able to decide on whether to fight war or not therefore he was anxious and in such situation he turns to Divine-God for direction, and received grace of Divine. The message of Divine-God is thrilling for every one because it liberate everyone irrespective to in whatever situation they live.

O King! I wonder more and more as I remember grand extraordinary form of Lord Krishna and I rejoice again and again. ( Bhagavad-Gita: 18/77)

Sanjaya has stated the divine message extraordinary ( 18/76) here he is stating Divine-God as grand extraordinary. The divine message can be heard and read any time but Divine-God was visible at that moment only with the vision Sanjaya has received by spiritual guru Vayasaji. Sanjay was thrilled by watching past present and future of world or the resolution of divine in the grand form of Divine-God.

O King! Wherever there is Yogeswar God Krishna and Arjuna supreme archer, certainly there will be also Shree, victory, affluence and unbroken-able moral or guiding principle. That is my opinion.(Bhagavad-Gita: 18/78)

The Bhagavad-Gita begin with the inquiry of Dhrtarastra, he was hopeful of victory of his sons assisted by great warrior like Bhisma, Drona and Karna etc. Sanjaya contradicted with the statement that victory was certain for the side of Arjuna because of extraordinary support by infinite Divine-God Krishna. Surrender into Divine-God is the verdict of any teaching of scripture.

Divine-God has been called as Yogeswar who teaches yog. Divine-God is omnipresence, creator, immortal, self-sufficient and unlimited and entire world function on His resolution.

In the beginning Sanjaya with great importance has mentioned Lord Krishna and Arjuna and giving same importance to both of them he is ending the narration.

Shree denote opulence, glory and intelligence which manifest where ever Divine-God function and devotee like Arjuna function. The divine conscious human manifest equality and unbroken moral or guiding principle of scripture.

After winning war Pandava has established sovereignty of prosperity, truth and justice etc.