That the bag producers had to lend an ear to public opinions and constantly improve the quality of their products as demanded by the people.

Sankumar S
4 min readDec 18, 2021


He is a man of realization and humble who looks upon an elephant, a cow, a dog, a pariah, and a Brahmin with the same vision. (Gita: 5/18)

Here Lord Krishna is mentioning different creatures whose functions are different. One who is knowledgeable, humble, free from affection and hate, and know the truth and untruth, and perform role of awakening the society in union with God-realisation is called Brahmin. A “chandal” pariah is excluded one not looked humanly by others. He performs tasks, to which society give less value. People drink milk of cow not of bitch and attached economic and religious value to it. A dog is less valued in compare to cow and elephant. Traditionally, due to riding, transportation and war value elephant has own importance for human. A trained dog is useful for guarding premises and spying otherwise street dog enjoy very less value and discarded. People are generally driven by face utility of anybody. Divine-God is suggesting to treat them equally not going through appearance or present utility rather than looking into the soul of every creature and considering that Divine-God has created the nature for every creature giving equal right to use it. Stanza 6/32 also describe on this subject in detail.

Human has different part eye, hand, leg, mind and anal etc. each part has different function but man has no difference on belonging sense when any part of body is damaged, he do not neglect and take care of it very sensitively. He takes equal care to different part of body though their function is different.

There is no deviation in belongingness, love, care, mercy, respect and hospitality etc. of divine knowledgeable person towards any creatures. Because internally in them there is lack of affection, proud, discrimination and hate etc.

Samata (equal-feeling/even character) is increasingly felt key issue of present politics. One whose mind is in union with equal-feeling he experience Divine-God (5/19). This equal feeling develop when we consider sorrow of others as own and happiness of others become ours. Person should keep such feeling in his own heart that by him no one shall adversely affected, get pain or sorrow. We should consider the sorrow of others as own and try to reduce the sorrow of others. We should acknowledge the rights of others and protect them as own duty and give love, respect and take care of well-beings of others from whom we do not have even any interest or relation.

We take utmost care of seating arrangement of people who take part in religion congregation considering their comfort and visibility of speaker and accessibility of their voice. We treat them with respect and love in-return we enjoy peace, satisfaction and happy by heart. This is due to feeling of equality. On the contrarily if we treat the devotees in authoritarian way instructing them to seat here or there in this way heart will not get peace. This style might also hurt others. Through this way we cannot establish Samata in society unless we have feeling for others.

The Yamraj has very strict even character, he does not forget any rich or poor. The water eliminates the thirst of unbeliever who even wants to close the account of Divine-God from this world. Water does not discriminate, it has even character. Similarly, Sun spread light to everybody evenly. Air support the life of everybody without any discrimination. Earth gives shelter in same way to everybody. Thus materials created by Divine-God are received by all in same way.

The meaning of Samata does not confine to treating with same custom to every creatures. This way sometime human-less Samata can be animal instinct. More importantly Samata look into how sorrow of others can be reduces? How other can be made happy? In keeping such Samata, maintain purity and natural flow in behaviour. Only keeping external conduct or formality of equality, without internally purification and mind free from affection and hate is against the principle of scripture and society which can create social conflicts.

The caste and class system is not the law of nature or religion. Everyone has equal right to access the nature which has been created by Infinite Divine Glorious God. Everyone is part of Brahma sovereignty. If anyone is exploiting nature excess for greed and accumulation he is depriving others and going against the principle of equality. Jealous, hate, proud and greed are main factors of downfall of mankind. Mankind can rise only through equal feeling, equal behaviour, respecting rights of all creature, good quality and believing and practising “sanatan” sustainable religion.. Our conduct shall be beneficial for all living-beings and whole world. The all types of discrimination shall be abandon and universal well-being of every one shall be ensured without compromising.

Who has destroyed his sin by the divine knowledge, attended unrepeated salvation, those humble and knowledgeable does not distinguish living creatures, look with vision of equally upon an elephant, a dog, a pariah, and a Brahmin. For them neither Brahmin is special nor is pariah hateful. They neither discriminate among human being nor between human and animal, for them all are important and have equal rights in earth. These types of people are very close to Divine-God, they visualise soul in every creatures.

When austere of human control his nerves-mind-body, he in natural flow meditate and attend the capability of “samadhi” and all desire characters to enter into Brahma he is in the beginner category of Brahmin and gradually when he realised the element of Divine and rest into Brahma he is in the final category of Brahmin, he become complete knowledgeable and free from proud become humble also.