O Son of Prtha ! The will-power through which wicked minded human uphold or does not abandon sleep, fear, anxiety, sorrow and proud that is “Tamsh” demoniac. (Bhagavad-Gita:18/35)

Those who cannot avoid oversleeping, who cannot avoid the pride of enjoying material objects, who are always dreaming of lording it over material world, and whose life, mind, and senses are thus engaged, their will-power is considered in mode of “Tamsh” demoniac.

The will power of evil minded human is such that they will prefer to waste time in over-sleeping than to use it for society. They will get more satisfaction in over-sleeping than utilizing time for productive purpose for benefit of all.

They commit crime or harm others with their blind will-power, due to which they live in fear of retaliation, murder, public protest, media coverage, criticism etc. They will hide themselves and move under heavy security, will spend huge amount in protection of life and amassed wealth, etc. Thus they will love to live in fear instead of abandoning fear and cause of fear.

On the one side “Tamsh” demoniac will-power provoke foolish human to commit prohibited deed to increase own sovereignty, on the other side create anxiety in life, how to sustain the sovereignty? How to maintain power equality? What will happen if they loss wealth and political power? How they will face law enforcement agencies and public warp etc?

“Tamsh” demoniac will-power suppress the intelligence or social concern of human, they become slave of own whimsical acts, make life of self, family, society complicated and create sorrow for self and for others also even those who are not associated with them. Again even facing criticism for harming others creating worst situation which is troublesome for him also he prefer to live with own habit. Which create sorrow for self and others? They belief highly on creating tension.

“Tamsh” demoniac will-power does not allow the human to feel guilty for ill-deed, instead create illusion and develop proud that they can do whatever they can like, even if people protest.

O best of Bharatas! Now kindly listen from Me the three properties of happiness, among which in practicing human experience grace or controlling nerves experiences charm of Divine-God and end all distress. And (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/36)

Arjuna has rejected angel “Ubarshi” and has control over sleep and laziness therefore he was free from “Rajash-Tamsh Gun”, as a praise he had been called best of Bharatas.

A conditional soul is always engaged in some type of sensual gratification, but when he understand that it is never ending desire and repetition of same, he is awakened and attend divine consciousness and relieved from so-called happiness and rebirth.

The mission of all renounces, mind, knowledge, deed, doer and will-power is happiness. Therefore three properties of happiness have been explained. Human shall understand that he can achieve higher happiness than the worldly happiness, there is higher happiness than the affection with life, there is happiness ahead of materialistic happiness and ignorance happiness.

In practicing divine happiness person feel amuse, charm, common people cannot experience this elegance without practices. Whereas in “Rajash-Tamsh happiness” naturally nerves in direction of subjects or senses and mind-intelligence in direction of material-joy and in tiredness towards sleep etc are automatically attracted.

To awaken the mind-intelligence towards element of Divine and abandoning affection and hate and material-joy is practice of sustainable divine happiness.

Though the above mentioned happiness in like poison in the beginning of devotion, but at result is like nectar, i.e. self realization of divine happiness. (Bhagavad-Gita: 18/37)

The conscious which lack desire or importance for honor, praise, respect, accumulation of wealth, sensual pleasure, only sole aim is realization of element of Divine. That produces divine happiness (Bhagavad-Gita: 2/64)

Human abandon worldly pleasure with great pain in practice of realization of element of Divine, but they do not attend sustainable divine happiness immediately, therefore hardship or suspense face in the beginning is like poison for some.

An actually initial experience in devotion is painful for material and demoniac conscious people due to strong bonding with body and nature. The Divine conscious human do not experience pain and hardship in realization of element.

When human perform devotion or meditate he receive divine property, facilitate nerves free from abnormalities of affection, hate, greed, anger etc. which facilitate realization of immortal sustainable peace and happiness.



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