Happy New Years!

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The farmers shall form their own market, farmers and labors shall join hand to attend ownership and change the course of destiny of society.

Happy New Years!

The farmers shall form their own market, farmers and labors shall join hand to attend ownership and change the course of destiny of society.

That liberated person considers me embracer of Yagna-sacrifice and Devotional austrities, the God of the Gods of all worlds, self-less, well-wisher of entire creatures, and attain peace which is a form of sovereignty of Brahma. [5/29]

Men consider his body, nerves, mind, intelligence, and materials of nature as his own and develop affection with his function and the fruits of function. He considers himself as the doer and sole beneficiary of the products of function of his body and nature. Which is not true, mind body of Human is created by Divine-God therefore He is the owner and authority of the mind and body. Here, Divine-God is removing this assumption. Divine-God is clarifying that he should be considered the end user of all the sacred functions performed by human and nature. He lives in all the creatures and materials of nature and he is the creature of all the means of productions. Human shall consider that he is serving to Divine-God while helping others or protecting the rights of others.

The knowledgeable person understands the Brahma world and he dedicate his entire functions for the Divine-God not focusing in creatures. He works with the Brahma-vision that the entire materials of nature and creatures are of Divine-God and he is using the materials of world for the benefit of world, assuming that Divine-God exist in each and every elements of world. When Man is unattached from the fruits of his Karma-deed his entire Karma is dedicated to the God and he is liberated and achieves Divine peace and happiness. His Yagna and devotion ultimately sub-merged with Divine-Brahma. That devote know the God and realise the God, which is ever lasting peace free from desire, angry and fear.

Desire to enjoy world cause sinful deed, when there is absent of desire for sense enjoy, human does not perform ill-deed and become unattached from the good deed dedication to the benefits of others and hence realise the element of Divine.

The Divine God is the creature and owner of the entire worlds. How any honest person can consider himself as owner of the materials of world? The true Devotee very well acknowledges that his own body and materials doesn’t belong to him, he has only rights to use the nature for the benefit of world. The Divine God is the creatures and saviour of entire creatures and nature. Therefore every-things belong to Divine-God or Divine-God is Supreme-Lord.

When human acknowledge that Divine-God is God of all worlds, He without self-interest protect the interest of creatures, and love creatures, and there is no one such well-wisher of creatures, he attend divine peace. When human-being acknowledge the presence of the infinite God in his hearth then how fear, worry, disturbance and un-peace can grasps him?

There are only two person the God and his Devotee who does not want anything from others for own interest, are well-wishers of all and without any expectation work for the well-beings of others (3/22&25&29). When Men acknowledge these three facts than all his sacred functions will ultimately merge with Divine God, God is infinite and creator & owner of Worlds and God is saviour and well-wisher of all, then he realise peace and Brahma. God is expecting that human-being shall consider him as own and shall desist from developing affection with any other creatures and materials.

Desire of any things for sense enjoyment, considering body and nature as own and does not believing that Divine-God belong to him aned he belong to Divine-God are basic obstacles in realisation of element of Divine. Therefore, human shall abandon material pleasure and sense of belongingness with worldly materials. He should consider only Divine-God as his own.

When one do not consider any creatures and materials as his own then only he is able to abandon his desire of happiness and pleasure. When one considers any materials as his own, then in return he likes to derive happiness and pleasure from those materials. When desire of happiness is abandoned, abandon of affection is facilitated, and vice versa abandoning of affection facilitates abandon of desires. The lack of affection and abandoning of desire of happiness facilitate realisation of peace and sovereignty of Brahma.

The bodily conscious human in illusion are anxious to become lords of all the materials they watch and attend sanatan-permanent peace with those mortal worldly materials. However, material world is caused and dependent on energy of the Divine-God. The Divine-God is the supreme pre-dominator and all living entities and Demi-Gods are His subordinate. Those who understand it they dedicate their all deeds for universal well-being considering as offering to Divine-God.

The fifth chapter deal with karma-yoga or performing deed in divine conscious, divine conscious mean to work in full knowledge of one’s relation with the Supreme Absolute. As long as human being is in contact with matter, his deed is dedicated for material necessities. However, when one advances in spiritual life he conquer the influence of nerves-senses, material desire, fear and anger etc. and is award peace which is highest perfection of life.

Whose yagna-virtue deed and devotional austerities are embraces by Divine-God they attend peace form Divine-God. Divine conscious devotee consider Divine-God as sole owner of entire creatures, knowledge, objects, materials, situations, events etc, he even does not consider his body as his own. He only use his mind, body and nature for the benefits of worlds.




To be like Jesus takes effort and willingness to pay the price…………….______then the Infinite will manifest within you. The Unseen will be seen and the Invisible will be visible. Page 5 ( S.5-L.128) SRI SRI Paramahansa Yogananda

The man of infinite power, tuned in with God, does not wait for planets — until they smile. He marches on, ……………………..When a man has faith, ………………………..he can move mountains, and planets wait at his beck and call to do what he commands them to do. SRI SRI Paramahansa Yogananda S.6-L.132


Criterion of Appraisal He Set Up Newly

One July day in Juche 107(2018) the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un inspected the construction sites in the then Samjiyon County.

That day he gave detailed instructions concerned with the construction of Samjiyon County on the spot and also set out a precious guideline for education.

It was when a provincial official told him that the province was to renovate Hyesan Teachers Training College upholding his teaching given during his visit to Pyongyang University of Education.

He told the accompanying officials that the provinces should raise large numbers of talents by developing education to thoroughly implement the Party policy of making all the people well versed in science and technology.

And he said that the talent is a treasure of the country and also main resource for development of the province, city and county and that the education of the rising generation is talent farming.

Noting that the provinces should raise a lot of talents in a short period by doing talent farming on a scientific and intensive basis as well as potato farming, he gave the clear instruction that the provinces should put the teacher training system on a scientific and IT basis and produce able teachers by introducing the advanced education method embodied with originality and Juche character. Looking up to him, the officials came to keep deep in their minds the importance of the education.

The respected General Secretary said that the related local Party organizations should attach importance to the work to put the basic education of primary and middle schools in their counties on a higher stage, stressing that the provinces should put efforts into education and the work to put the overall education organs in the provinces on a higher level should be done by the provinces.

He added that the education should be set as the important criterion in appraisal of the provinces.

Set the education as the important criterion!

Herein lies the great intention of the respected General Secretary to put the overall education of the country on a higher stage and guarantee the future of the country by making all regions have the big interest in education and channel big efforts into development of education.