As we embrace the new year with the hope that it will be better than the last, many of us have also made resolutions we would like to fulfill

Divine-Knowledge by “Satvik-Gun” and greed by “ “Rajash-Gun” are caused, and futil-mental exercise, addiction and lack of divine-knowledge are caused by “ Tamsh-Gun”. (Bhagwat-Gita: 14/17)

Under the influence of “Satvik-Gun” human attend divine-conscious, he is able to distinsguse acknowledge good-deed and ill-deed and with divine-conscious perform good-deed and result of which is sustainable.

“Rajash-Gun” cause greed, the deed of greedy human by misappropriation, accumulation through malpractices etc., bond human with meterialistic world and push him into rebirth thus it is painful.

“Tamsh-Gun” cause futil mental exercise, addiction and lack of divine-knowledge. When these three are germinate in mind human perform deed against the divine-conscious. Here it is explain that “Tamsh-Gun” produces lack of divine-knowledge, the stanza 08 of this chapter 14 state lack of divine-knowledge cause “Tamsh-Gun” which denote that “Tamsh-Gun” cause lack of divine-knowledge and also lack of divine-knowledge cause “Tamsh-Gun”, both are interlink.

Human face favorable and unfavorable situation and according to the performed deeds he attend rebirth or heavenly world. The counscious of “Gun” is cause of nature of deed, which is also main reason for rebirth ( Bhagwat-Gita: 13/21). “Gun” is the main reason behind the conscious and deed.

Human whose sole aim is realisation of element of Divine, he doesnot exist in nature like ordinary human, he is beyond Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun, live in soul-consciousnes.

Divine-God has explain the affect of the contemporary “Gun” after death in 14–15 stanzas, now in next stanza he is going to explain after death affect of Satvik-Rajash-Tamsh Gun of whole life of human.



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